Monday, July 6, 2015

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Nicole Page-Smith


Why was the biblical representation of Jesus associated with the Whore of Babylon and later condemned as a martyred Saint or Crucified? He was a Christian and a Jew, and an advocate of the people or a Saint, so, why did he martyr himself as a Saint, for the Sin of the people? In the Book of Revelation we are given the mystery of Christ. The bible is badly translated into English and whenever the book suggests king, this suggests God is our Father with seven crowns for Jesus. The Mother of Earth or our nature is communicated as a "harlot". Jesus was a voice of the people and was like a common newspaper of today. He wandered the wilderness to forgive God his Sin, he drank of the seven ways of the Lord and the great whore told him Jesus was to come. He drank of the golden cup and so did the Lamb of God tell him his name. The Lamb of God has seven tales told to Jesus and this is his wisdom.