Tuesday, July 28, 2015

page 26

Nicole Page-Smith


As we reflect nature, she reflects us in seven ways and we show our love to God. The euphoria of love is our reflection of ascension colours and these are golden as we reflect the inner cavity of our heart and this is reflected in the stars of Heaven. Galaxies refelct the Universe as planets reflect the Sun and their moons leave a shadow. We are reflected in nature as leaves reflect the Sun and our reflection is mirrored in our heart, so, God sees our reflection, seven angels observe for him. The planets circle our heart as they revolve around the Sun and seven colours are to be noticed as seven planets influence our heart. We are born in seven ways. Firstly, we are born for love, ascension takes us to Heaven, where we born to be blessed by an angel, we are born for nature to serve us and for the smell of Spring blossom on the trees, we are born for Spring to occur every season, we are born for Heaven to take us to God this way, we are born for God by the colour of the angel, our rainbow within, and we are born for the rainbow, our reflection in the clouds, where we are born for angels. God love us seven times in Heaven.