Tuesday, September 30, 2014


We float like Ophelia down the stream of our mind in the garden of philosophy. Her death was poignant and reeks, in representation, of late 19th Century idealism, her death is beautiful and speaks of the romantic view of a newlywed with her prosaic beauty being destroyed by marriage. The garden of her heart would be full of love but should not destroy her. There is the incredible idealistic, romantic view of love destroying a heart that is pure. Garden plants would surround a fair maiden of wedded bliss in the garden of her heart. We stream along with her in our heart like the earthly flow of love is Sin. Everything gets all so horribly tangled up with nature equalling emotions to the point where we can barely rationalize our behaving. Love should be the most natural gift of all not an emotion from Hell. The love of nature is from God.

Monday, September 29, 2014


When we have Spring the planets are in view of nature bearing fruit. The planets communicate to the garden about your fruit. The roses tell you this when you walk with your loved ones in the garden of your love and love explains this, a feeling from the 
planets. Gardeners know this and plant their plants according to the starry line up. God tells us this when you look up at the sky on a nice clear Spring starlit night, the stars almost look like mathematical equations from God or a child has played with drawing with a ruler in the sky. Stars tell your heart this and the planets take you further. This strange order of the stars by God's divine design is to communicate through the hearts of men when fruit is to be picked in your garden. The garden of love is where you take the person you love in your heart and the planets tell you how. So, love the garden to love the fruit on your wedding day. Amen.

Sunday, September 28, 2014


Stars love us to notice the flowers and God loves you for this. Heaven tells you this. Flowers reflect the stars in Heaven with God's love to the bumblebee. Honey loves you for this. Flowers reflect God and you see his divine light there in beautiful flowers. God tells you this in your heart. Angels whisper this to you at night in the garden for Heaven tells them to. God loves the flowers to notice you and their starlight to correspond to the stars in your heart. Heaven notices this. God loves you in the Heaven of your heart to notice where the stars take you in his house, the pathway through the garden to love. Flowers tell you this in the stars of Heaven so God notices and loves you. Angel love to stardust equals the flowers in the garden. Your heart tells you this.

Saturday, September 27, 2014


Love for the philosopher is time and time is God. God for the philosopher is love. So, how does God equal time and how does time equal love? Love for philosophy is equated as time so, what is time? Time is God and God is eternal. Infinity suggests that time took place or time is immemorial and time lasts forever, there is no end. So, what is the end of time? Infinity. Love then is almost unconscious as love is God and God is eternal. Time immemorial stood still. Therefore, a deep understanding of love to equal time would equal the light in our hearts equalling God in the garden of philosophy. An infinite rationality of time starts to disintegrate and turn into raw matter after we lose count of how much time it takes to love God. Love is God. God is time. Philosophy is nature.


Friday, September 26, 2014


Spring is the colour of the angels. Flowers blossom with Spring's divine colours. Trees start to bloom with leaves and all Gods divine garden creatures come out of hibernation to meet the Spring day. The birds start to flutter and the baby creatures are born. We start the season again of a renewed life of faith and the new garden is created for God in the garden, the cycle of life continues. Angels frequent the garden with all the splendour and joy garden colours present to God. Nature is abundant with God. Love all the birds to sing to you in the garden of love for God. Your garden pathway is lined by angels who show you their golden light with this reflected in the pathway and God shows you the way to love in the garden, ask the birds as Spring love is from the angels of love.

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Birds also frequent the forests and are there to share the news of Gods divine garden while here they speak of love in the hearts of man. Birds love you in the forest and fly all around you. They only communicate the love of God. God in the garden of philosophy equals the birds singing their song of love in the garden and the forests. God take me to the forest of imaginings with God's love and the forest birds. I love God in the forest to love the birds to speak of God's love and love God to love you. Birds communicate the song and will we ever learn the tune? Forests dwell with forest birds of love for God, the spirits of love and forest angels that pass through. Do not go the forest without somebody you love in your heart for the birds to sing about love so you return one day in your imaginings. God love the forest birds.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Wild bees live in the forest in wild hives. The honey of wild bees is to protect the queen bees. Bees only live like other insects for a very short period of time, usually only for one week and with some insects, they only live for one day. The queen bee does reproduce sexually even though some bees are exactly the same like clones of one another almost a more simple equation of Charles Darwin with his understanding of genetics. Like bees, humans also have direct purpose and God needs worker people like worker bees with a simple genetic code so they do not get bored working in a jam factory, for example. Bees do not exactly seem bored gathering pollen in the garden and they have a role to play for the queen bee, which is to feed her honey. Genetically coded bees for pollen transportation have a simple code and the bees for the queen have a more delicate genetic code in their very ordered society. Charles Darwin appeared to study the behaviour patterns of monkeys and apes being a natural scientist or naturalist, someone who studies species of plants and animals, and their behaviour. Apes socialize in a similar way to humans, broadcasting the news from the forest floor so species frequenting the treetops have time to understand the news report. Bees are aware of this and fly on by for their purpose for God in the garden.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


We consider the forest as a place of resource but not for the philosopher of the forest. Trees guide the path in the forest and starlight lines the way of your pathway guided by the stars above with God informing you of this. The trees reflect the stars of Heaven on a starlit night with the moon above and God tells you where you need to go. Philosophy tells you this. Moonlight to the philosopher informs the stars about where you need to go. The birds of the forest tell you this. If you see a snake in the forest, be his friend. Snakes tell you this on a moonlit night with the stars above and do not tell God you saw a snake or he will have to observe the pathway ahead. God tells you this on a starlit night on the highway to Heaven, do not tell the stars where you have been or you will alert the devil. The stars tell you this on the way through to Heaven but do not alert the ghosts on your pathway for they are only passing to be observed on a moonlit night so, do not go past the cemeteries at night, if they line the forest. Philosophy tells you this in the garden.

Monday, September 22, 2014


When you look for the stars in the garden of your heart they reflect the plant life there. A garden in the heart of philosophy equals the stars. If then you walk outside into a garden on a starlit night and the star patterns experience you, they are reflected in all the trees. The star mass tells you God is all around you and you experience this in your heart because the plants reflect his love. Love for a plant is God. The pathway you tread through the garden is alight with starlight and star patterns guide your way to God in the garden of your heart. God has to take you there on a starlit night so you experience his love and flowers tell you this. When God takes you to the stars he ascends you through Heaven and the stars elevate you towards God in the garden. Love the stars to love you and get the divine message from Heaven. Angels tell you this. God take me to the garden of my heart where the stars live, Heaven for the philosopher. 


Sunday, September 21, 2014


Dark in the forest of philosophy, moonlight leads the way and the owls call you in the trees. Birds tell you this in the undergrowth of your mind. The forest floor has some native nocturnal species and they may call you at night to make you aware of the undergrowth. Do not take your children to the forest, as you are not welcome there to be observed. The spirits of the native trees tell the bees not to come out at night for the silence of the forest is only known to God. Birds make you aware of this while they sleep in the forest, do not wake the birds or the possums will make you aware of what God said. Dark is the silence of the forest and black is the night on your journey through your heart to God. Birds tell you there are angels there so, do not wake them for God forbids this. Possums tell you this as they notice you in their forest on the way to the garden. The garden of love tells God this on your way through the forest. Do not exit at night in the mind's eye for God cares for you to live.

Saturday, September 20, 2014


We observe Francisco de Zurbaran's still lives and one such is Still-Life with Lemons, Oranges and Rose, 1633. This religious order to God suggests the time in the garden for seasonal produce. Phase one would be Winter lemons and Spring fruit would represent oranges, rose water helps you through the Summer months where the table describes Autumn with this religious sermon of an offering in style. This religious occasion is nominated by the silver plates and the straw basket describes God. God in the garden of love equals the lemon tree. When you consider the style of Zurbaran's paintings, you could not trace the lineage or the influence so, either Zurbaran lived in an isolated community or lived differently. Zurbaran's understanding of perspective would nominate the religious beliefs of the day and where he placed God in the garden.

Friday, September 19, 2014


God takes you into your enclosed garden, the garden of your heart and closes the door to take you through the knowledge of your philosophy. Strait is the gate to the pathway of truth. The garden houses your dreams and delightful is the journey. Entombed in the garden of Christ is the message from God and you take yourself there at death. The garden gate is left open. When God wakes you in the morning, the birds sing in the trees and the sky tells you of the day ahead. Heaven seems all around and the cats purr sweetly to you on the end of the bed, sometimes needing a cuddle, this is God telling you he loves you. Angels are supposed to talk about God's love in your heart but sometimes stress if life does not go to plan, they are supposed to help you ascend to your heavenly pathway or get up and embrace your day. The trees tell you this in your minds eye. The birds love you to notice God with their song and fly over you as if to bless you in the garden of your mind. When Gods divine garden is all around you and you walk outside on his pathway, the birds tell you of his love. God take me to the garden and close the gate.

Thursday, September 18, 2014


Hans Holbein the Younger, The Ambassadors, 1533, is a clever depiction of perspective geometry. Holbein uses an important introduction of his learning and arithmetic to measure time via space. While you walk around the painting from one side to the other, the skull in the foreground gathers proportion to the real and the skull appears in the third dimension. This devise for the perspective of a pictorial plane is apparently occurred by flattening out perspective in a mirror, therefore, Holbein used a mirror to paint the skull. We observe all the instruments of men of learning on the shelf between the two ambassadors of his aid and these would do nothing other than describe the instruments Holbein would have used to equate God and understand the perspective of time. Holbein was equating God in the garden of Christ.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


God told Eve to bite the apple of knowledge so Adam could participate in Sin, the garden of God was not being understood by Adam. The apple of God is the tree of love. Apples contain the seed of the fruit. The apple of God is the tree of knowledge. Branches of the tree contain the branches of the heart and God contains the apple. If you are in love, you are the apple of the eye of God. God loves the apple tree to love you. Eve was tempted by the forbidden fruit so as to take God's knowledge through earth and plant the seed. Eve was also the apple tree of God's divine knowledge. God is the garden of Eve.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


The harmony of love; God gives us love in our hearts to equal who we are and who we will become. Love tells us this. Love is the garden of philosophy. We imagine love to equal loving somebody but love for the philosopher can equal any of the equations of love for God. Holding hands with your girlfriend maybe one, with looking at art you favour in books being another but for the philosopher of love, seeing a new day born with the Christening of sunlight on the leaves of the trees equals Gods true light. Love has previously looked for places to escape to and this takes your heart to where it needs to go. Geometers used instruments to measure the love of God and this they contributed to their philosophy as a measure of the garden of love. Love the neighbour's cat to love your own cats and God will love you in the garden.

Monday, September 15, 2014


If you then take your mind deep into the dark recesses of where the spirit trees live, a forest of imagining, then we begin to live in the garden growth of the world of the mind and trees love you for this, we see where God had us grow for the spirit to fly somewhere. Trees tell you this. At night when the stars twinkle the brightest in the heavens above, God needs to be aware of who you are in his ascension to him, the Lord above. God tells you this. Forests are aware of you. The trees tell you this. Spirits live in trees and this is the word of God. God tells you this. The goddess of the forest shall not live for she is he. Gods tell you this. Do not cross God on a moonlit night or the crows will sing. Moonlight tells you this. The birds sing a tune to you to tell you of the love of God for they are love and they are God. God loves the birds to sing and they ascend unto him. Fly to the birds dear spirits because they love you. The forest tells you this on your way through. I love God to love me in the spirit of love for God in the forest, a garden of love for the birds. Ascend birds with the spirits of love.

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Luca Signorelli presents The Damned, 1499-1504, in Orvieto Duomo, Italy. This extraordinary display of the end of the world, when Hell meets the devil and God tells Satan to watch his step, is a representation of those only saved to be resurrected by the Saviour. This display looks like a demonic nomination of Hell and the Damned. Devils torture the deceased souls to resurrect the flesh or torture the devil out of them for final redemption, the saved need to be blessed and this is why this painting is housed in the interior of a church, God save. The emotive account of Signorelli has the end of the world equalling so much Hell that it feels primeval and we are talking about a representation of Medieval European village life where many thought this was the end of the world, so, maybe there were food shortages with country people frequenting the square needing money for food. Church blessed would be a service on Sunday for the upper class civilians, the poor would not be welcome as they were unblessed living in the country. Signorelli would be only communicating about society people of his own class and nature, turned evil, to be thrown to the damnation of Hell. This state of Christian philosophy come theosophy, would nominate the garden of the soul for Luca Signorelli, God take him there.

Saturday, September 13, 2014


Gustave Courbet presents The Painter's Studio, A Real Allegory Defining Seven Years of My Artistic and Moral Life, c. 1854-1855. This painting describes all the problems of being a professional artist. The realism of this self-portrait makes the painting unique describing all the exploitation of a household name, admired by all but accepted by few. The artist carries on with his daily routine of everyday life including the studio practice and a contemplation of his own philosophy while the viewers observe. The playful cat in the foreground feels like the cat is responding to the love of the artist's profession as a painter, the reward being the artistic contribution. Love in the garden of philosophy equals the complement an artist can contribute to their genre, whether it is excepted in their lifetime or not, they have already made the contribution. Philosophy is worked through with ideas and applying these through practise in the studio for an artist. God wants you to make an equation about his love no matter the distractions and all the pitfalls of society. Truth is often rejected by people who do not want to see their reflection in the mirror with artists often trespassing too close to the heart of man. An artist has a role to fulfill or play and this place is often determined in history, distance allows the heart to recover. God in the garden of an artist's heart is the truth.

Friday, September 12, 2014


Albrecht Durer gave us his Self-Portrait in 1500. This is a painting of the measure of God. The measure of Christ is on his face with the brow nominating the bar of the cross, he would have been a Christian thinker and the wandering gaze in Durer's eyes nominates God with an otherworldly stare. Unlike more contemporary self-portraiture where the viewer is addressed as in publication, you feel Durer has such an internal gaze that the measure of his interior equals Christ. Throughout Durer's career measure as a mathematical equation of Christ was the basis of his paintings and Durer used this Lutheran equation of Christ to represent God in the garden of his heart. The extreme piety of Durer's Lutheran Christian belief in this painting is reflected in his face. This masterwork is well placed in Munich, Germany.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Rogier van der Weyden presented Saint Luke Drawing the Virgin, 1440, once again with an early mathematical equation of perspective, more trying to work out the perspective of God. We have intelligent picture plane devices leading the eye into the foreground supposing a Christian blessing of the baby born, a breastfed Christ Child. A local artisan draws Christ for publication and this Saint Luke figure is reminiscent of self-portraiture of the artist viewing his newlywed. The Virgin, breastfeeding a child would not be allowed in public, only in front of the clergy that close through town. Everything about the play of inner geometrical squares trains your eye to the inner harmony of the perspective of God. Garden elements flank the river for another attention and in accordance with nature to God with the garden view out an open window using the same divine light. Such perfect symmetry is a rare harmony in art as well as nature.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Jan van Eyck contributed the Arnolfini Portrait in c. 1434, seemingly a self-portrait of van Eyck and his wife. This extraordinary masterwork has all the highlights of his genre. Although, the painting is presumably a commissioned portrait of a wealthy Flemish merchant, given the style of the footwear and the contemporary sandals at the rear, the meeting of light through delicate glazes with under paint of geometrical observation together with the geometric picture plane employs perspective far beyond the Italian Renaissance with a different view of God through the window. God is represented like a timepiece in the mirror on the wall creating an interior depth through the painting. Peaches are a "girls" best fruit, representing the love of the newborn and they rest by the window as if to address God's divine light with a garden view. This beautiful blessing ceremony communicates as if by design of God, by interior perspective, a harmony of intelligence.


Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Another Bosch painting contains the garden of God and this earthly paradise come Garden of Eden is where God meets Christian faith in the garden. A pilgrim Christian God like figure has Adam and Eve beside him in what appears like a blessing ceremony. The garden is full of magical creatures including a unicorn, an elephant, a giraffe and mythological animals climbing out of the pond. In the central theme is an extraordinary fountain of life for the Christian blessing. Landscape nominating magical realism includes a surreal cave where the blessed birds fly southward and flanking the upper most distant place are blue sculpted monuments to some unknown realm, totems of Gods divine love with the strange exotic plant life looking like Paradisiacal birdlife donated the seed from some distant islands has God guarding the tree of love.

Monday, September 8, 2014


Hieronymus Bosch gave us Visions of the Hereafter: The Terrestrial Paradise and the Ascent of the Blessed, (fifteenth century), to ascend Christ and Christianity to the blessed. Paradisiacal innocence occurs in the left panel, the garden of Paradise contains a fountain to observe and angels are to be seen. The Terrestrial Paradise is centred in the afterlife and angels take the saved souls from Hell or from underneath the earth back into earthly existence, to ascend the blessed. Bosch was only placed on earth for God's ascension. The painting and the rest of his work ascend the knowledge of the garden. God bless the garden.