Monday, July 20, 2015

page 21

Nicole Page-Smith


When we are in love with the angel, we find the seven colours unto him, God bless the angel of love. When we see the angels in Heaven, we see the colours of ascension, God hold our hand. Heaven is for the blessed, angels are for mercy and God's mercy is an angel. We love you in Heaven to love the angel of mercy. Who is the angel of mercy? God say your name. Myself is I. I am for I love God to love me. Angels only love because God needs love in Heaven. I love because I love myself when I am in Heaven with God. Love to love your angel. Seven is the one for "we" are "he" in Heaven and he is one with God. The angel of Christ is my name as I am his angel for God. Angels have seven reasons for God and he is one. Christ said: I am an angel for God as I reside in Heaven. Heaven is the name of the God, seven colours do we see in Heaven, alone, for we are seven when he is one with the Lord. Seven is my name in Heaven and seven times the Lord said: He. I say thee and he said: He.