Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Flying is

William Henry Fox Talbot

Flying is

We enter a realm of heaven. Gods of sleep, imagination and dream are of a similar angel and you can almost imagine them flapping backwards and forwards as they ascend up and down to heaven and back in the evening. God sends you birds. Birds have significance.

In a number of different cultures including Greek and Roman, birds have powerful mythological, association. The eagles fly.

The eagle soars with the Holy Spirit and flies with the birds. Birds fly. And when birds fly off with the mythology of the mind you fly with them, they fly. Flying and flying on the wing glides you through the sleep of angels and, past them, ecstatic angels take you to euphoria.

You wonder. You wonder when you are gliding with the birds as they glide on the currents of the wind, air racing with the clouds, birds flying and gliding, how being so aerodynamic and flying with the angels would feel. Will we ever form wings to fly like the birds?

When God made the world and we came down to Earth through the cosmos were we ever Earthbound?

Angels are the result of God.

God loves the angels. Angels are in love with God.

Birds fly.

We need aerodynamics to fly. Flying like aeroplanes in the sky perhaps one day we will fly. Fly forward, fly with the wind, gliding. Flying is.

Photographs by Nicole Page-Smith

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The elves of Santa Claus

Nicole Page-Smith

The elves of Santa Claus

Chapter 3.

Christ is the reason for spiritual ecstasy. The death of Christ was too severe and barbaric. Spiritual ecstasy reaches a peak of pain almost ten inch nails being driven into Christ's body would have made Christ seek the Lord or pass out. Falling unconscious and the passion of Christ is one kind of spiritual ecstasy. Angelic worth is another. Emotional pain is not included. The golden finch is unto thee. Flight is an angelic idea. 

Flight travels and is upon us. Feathers lined the way all the way to the churchyard. Angels tend to lead where we follow and birds fly on chattering and twittering to God's music where trees are not always their home. Flying on overhead as the day draws to a close and sometimes getting rowdy trying to vie for a position in scarce trees or empty lined rooftops and buildings, nooks and crannies. Angels are of a different worth and tend not to notice us flying on by as if God's divine ascension was not part of our realm, none too human none the less and we fly off with thoughts and are pierced with the golden arrow. Angels do have ecstatic reasons for knowing us. Flying with the angel of every note we hear their ascension through their music. Music is their every being transcended. Candles are lit for the night service and sculptures like people sleep on. Stars twinkle above and the Saint lives on for another day.

Francios Gerard, Sainte Therese (detail), 1827

Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Ecstasy of Saint Teresa 
(Photograph by David Finn, 1921, National Gallery of Art)

You wonder what sculptures think when they sleep.

Sleeping is something artworks tend to enter and the subliminal unconscious is the realm obtained by artist's imagination. The unconscious. We sleep and dream of another future. God takes you sailing into the consciousness of the brain and we dream. The resting, of the mind is needed by God, otherwise it is a bit noisy in heaven. Angels chatter away to God, organising your future like the elves of Santa Claus.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

On the Cross

Nicole Page-Smith

On the Cross

The visionary euphoria, therefore, experienced by a Saint is like a memory. The memory of God is the euphoria and the ecstasy is the life of the spirit. Ecstatic spiritual euphoria then is a duality. Similarly the spirit, God and the life of a Saint have almost a third dimension, the forth dimension, the reality in time. To live in the present is to live in your angel. Euphoric and ecstatic experience is like the normal high experienced from an exiting or transcendent emotional experience. Naturally to experience, happiness as with the one memory we carry around with us like a well, worn love letter is something lodged as if in another part of the brain. You will find with people who lack memory from any kind of physical, emotional or psychological reason will sometimes recall one moment. If we were to play mind games with ourselves and think about the one very idea needed to describe our whole life, the very thing our life pivots on, this euphoria will suggest the simple unconscious desire to be human. The one moment is then a question of existence and becomes existential. The one moment, a memory and existence of the memory could therefore explain spiritual ecstasy.

Space-time and three-dimensional, ideas in space or the Earth in the present as a projected understanding of time is the duality of memory. Gravitational waves included in a proposed weight almost describe the understanding of Jesus Christ needed to understand the void. The three-dimensional sculpture of the Bernini's The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa similarly describes the void and a blessing of the Saint. The way sculpture falls in space and hangs there like the Earth in history presents the unexplained mysteries of Christ. Christ almost exists in memory of himself on the Cross.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

To contemplate is dual facing

Nicole Page-Smith

To contemplate is dual facing

Chapter 2.

In the stars above there is an indication of the movement of the Earth, night becomes day. One would imagine we move and spin on an axis but does the Earth reflect the moon or the Sun. You could imagine all is just an illusion and the fixed stars of heaven reflect the Sun. The gravitational waves would alter our view and a consciousness of the Sun. Space time would alter our view of the stars. If the fixed stars, the fixed Earth and the Sun were still part of our Universe, we would know where we were. In space time or the time it takes for an evolution of the Sun, we have already not existed for several billions of years. Existence is a consciousness and you have to believe in existence to believe you existed at all or God. Existence and ecstatic religious ecstasy are similar in an altered awareness of the self as with an altered emotional experience. God takes you to an experience of a spiritual union with him to help translate the experience into human from God or from the sacred to the divine. A religious ecstasy involving the stars is the experience of Saints entering the desert. The divine equation of the Earth is one we do naturally but if you can imagine on a cloudless night where the stars would shine on Earth this would light our pathway and the ordered pathway we seek. Spiritual ecstasy is euphoric.

A conscious awareness of being is a consciousness. Consciousness and being are one. Euphoria and visions are altered consciousness. Visionary euphoria and spiritual ecstasy are an experience of religious nature. To be taken to God in nature by the stars and taken to your angel is an imprint such as a flower in a book. Euphoria can equal emotional states transporting you to psychological association and an internal joyous experience with the Lord. Choral music can take you to the church. Semiconscious states of being are like a dream or daydream. The subliminal subconscious is our visionary memory bank and where we draw images from in a conscious state. Dreams use the unconscious and are the reflection in the mirror.

The unconscious is how you could explain space-time. A reflection. Space-time is not a reflection in the mirror though as such it is like dual reflection in the mirror so it goes onward into another time almost like another universe. This dual time is an extension. You could probably describe how this extension works by dreaming then waking up and sleepwalking or the subliminal memory collected by the days events reflected on by sleep. Sleep in the brain is a kind of relaxation and to restore the brains activity, we need rest. The kind of relaxation a brain needs is not hard to describe if you were scientifically minded but does include motor neurons and memory to almost reflect. The reflection we see in the mirror is opposite of what people see but getting to the kind of reflection spacetime associates with. If you think of the speed of light and how the eye perceives light you would be getting close to the dual refection and an unconscious understanding. Spiritual projection has a similar function for example, astral traveling in the subliminal unconscious or the semi-dreaming state just before waking or sleeping can take your understanding close to space-time, visions and the visionary, information, needed. Then, if we were to extend our thinking beyond this in a sort of leap of faith get to an understanding of the beginning of the universe and how it started. The zone needed to contemplate is dual facing. 

Monday, May 6, 2019

Angels is all you see

Nicole Page-Smith

Angels is all you see

Earth and heaven meet. Angels sing in a consciousness and a conscious awareness of God. Consciousness and the upper light of God, takes you to the light. A light of the consciousness of God is a light. Heaven is an extremity. Light is never the sea nor the water for it is the light and a light bound for the conscious; you fly with the seabirds as if with the wind. Golden is the light of heaven. Flying embraces the angelic realm of God and angels inform the light of heaven. A ceiling like the light of God exists with the clouds and the sky. Ceilings representing God exist in Roman cathedrals and churches especially the Sistine Chapel. Clouds in the sky cast shadows on the ground but God provides a piercing of light through the clouds. Angels live in the light and a consciousness of Heaven. A consciousness of God equals the two feet you walk on and we fly as though wing born with the idea. God bless the angels in heaven.

Heaven is a place to find angels. In a consciousness of Heaven, angels exist. Angels surround you like seraphim. Seraphim are what hover all around you. Buzzing in heaven angels make a sound we cannot hear on Earth. Earth is the planet we live on. On the ceiling of the church is where gathering light may shine. Shining light takes you to heaven. You can imagine like clouds well with tears and angels cry, rain comes down from the heavens. Moisture rises with every breath and the breath of angels. Angels take you to Heaven as is a transporting and we are angels of God. God and the angels are friends.

Now, being angel would be an angel for God. God and the angels are feathered in companionship of being. The golden arrow causes ecstasy. Music can take you to the place. Universes of stars take you to the infinite and the white realm of an angel. Angels are our consciousness and for God an ether. Ecstatic angels are one. Three in one could equal our angel. Our angelic light is visible and shines. Shining angels used to equal the Sun and more effectively equal when you are smiling. You would not think angels and smiling could be so simply an ecstasy but an altered state of consciousness. Conscious of being happy does make you shine like the Sun and angels fly out of your heart to the Lord, above. Perhaps, God in heaven is full of the white light of happiness. You can imagine your Paradise is your heaven. Paradise on Earth is in the garden and we were born of the seed. Moisture like temporal rain travels upwards as though in rain forests to the treetops and keeps going to the clouds. However, the golden ceiling of heaven is lined with angels. The yellow, golden light of angels is all you see. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa

Nicole Page-Smith

The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa

Chapter 1.

In a state of ecstatic consciousness, Saints believe. The belief in God is a euphoric act. Angels and feathers are involved. God gives the message of birds, flying. The Holy Spirit does fly. With us birds fly all around you as if in a euphoria of yourself. The Holy Spirit rushes through you as if blood through the veins. Ecstatic states natural to God have a conscious awareness of self, birds fly. The Holy Ghost is another matter and the spirit. Consciousness builds itself. Ecstasy is the state of altered consciousness. We fly to the tip of a tree with the cathedral in mind and land with the dove. Euphoria is an imagination of the knowing of Christ. We fly.

Rain through the forest trees takes you into the cathedral. God in nomination of a consciousness has light shine down upon you. Often sculpted euphoria comes in the form of gold Sun, rays or something shining out of Saints heads. Shining in God's light is a consciousness. Ecstasy is the observation of a heaven in the meeting of nature. Trees beam forth the light and occasionally church windows beam light in the late afternoon Sun. A transmutation of the spirit to the soul, spirit matter is the Earth and the euphoria of the viewer. White marble is designed to shine in the light.

Churches are in the dark by night. Stars shine brightly overhead with the moon lit on bright nights. The Christians observe their Saints in the sky. The sky over the churches in Rome at night has angels fly by. Angels fly to be with the people who love them. Christians nominate their faith in the churchyard. Saints are quite often not buried because their soul lives forever. You see the stars twinkle in the heavens above and in Roman Catholic churches trees are planted for a voyage of the soul. Upwards trees point to the heavens, above. Lining fields similar trees take souls on a journey out of town. Angels in a state of ecstasy have a view of the stars. Saints hover above the ground or are painted several metres above the ground on church walls, lining frescos or are buried along with their remains. The ecstasy of a Saint to see the stars in a state of euphoria is a blessing by God so, Christian Saints show us the view of heaven we need to see as a pathway to your fellow angel, they live in the sky. Angel realms are the conscious light of God and are our view. We are looking down from heaven to see our place on Earth.