Thursday, July 31, 2014


In the beginning of time we had the eternal twins, Urizen and Los, separated from each others side by the imaginings of God and the destructive doubt brought forward reason. The Sun shone on that day and for Eternity in Heaven, the lighted pathway to God. God give me light and darkness give me strength through the soul of reason. Aurora. Shine brightly on thee. God imagined the Sun and Satan saw the moon, torment was the result and then Creation occurred. God was at a loss as to what to do next so separation took place on earth in the eternal garden come Eden where Adam was born. Eve tempted Adam with the light of reason. Adam's imagination was at a loss. The garden lived forever, until the end of time and for infinity forever more. The garden is God and do not take Hell dirt to Satan there, plant another seed with wild roses, God light the way.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


The garden of the heart carries the resurrection and the bones are encrypted in the work. Whitening to ashes and then the angels bless you through God. The king is born of the dragon and rebirth through resurrection is complete. Ashes through dust, do we exist at all dear God or did we die awhile ago and are some vague memory in cosmic dust, ashes to ashes, dust through dust. We consume ourselves to be reborn, a constant reworking to achieve the word of philosophy. I love God to love thee. Love is forever and love God to love yourself. Ashes form the base metal, dust forms the gold and God loves you in the garden. Ashes form the base metal, dust forms the gold and God loves you in the garden. The heart forms the rebirth of the death in the garden and we are continually resurrected for our love of God. I wrote a love letter to God in my heart and God told me to love myself, a wedded bliss of ascension. The ashes take you to the garden in the heavens. Gods divine sky sprinkles stardust in your eyes, the pattern is read by philosophy and when it corresponds to your pathway, God is found in the ashes. Your pathway is blackened for the work but God sends a lightening with a ring of stars. Thank you dear God for your love via the angel of love in the garden.


Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Long has history been of Gods divine message transcribed by the human heart. It must torment God right down to his base metal why people want to take his message to kiss Satan. Will we ever get use to who we are being human beings? God tries to illuminate our imagination with earthly style creatures equalling his work. This unfortunately he has to outwit many people with like a magician so they do not take his divine message to Hell or through evil. What is the chemical element of the human heart? Oxygen to God, without this being pumped around the heart stops beating. God should only be a heartbeat away from your philosophy. God does not want the heart drying up of love so God tries to wet the pathway with love. Mercury to quicksilver equal Mercurius and the work is complete, a state of the heart in the garden. Base metals to gold also equal Gods divine wedding ring. Gold to silver are etched in your heart.

Monday, July 28, 2014


So, if God intends to take us on a pathway through the gates of darkness, the earth we tread will govern the pathway. Do not tell God the way you travel at night. The stars light the way but when Saturn is in the heavenly view you will not find the way as there will also be an eclipse of the moon, a darkened view. Planet Saturn is often considered evil by those God does not want to view. Perhaps by some mishap Satan and Saturn have a similar ring tone rather than a gaseous view. Through a telescope, you can see the rings of Saturn and these are apparently formed by gases produced on the planet Saturn but nothing to do with the rings of Hell or Satan's divine view as is the rule of God. Satan is sitting down there guarding Gods divine treasure and will cause a gaseous view if you take him to Hell or get too close to Gods divine secret. The gates of darkness are nowhere close and a highly guarded secret but God cannot take evil people to anywhere other than Hell. The rebirth and purification dark matter can consume needs to happen as the twelfth room on a darkened night.

Sunday, July 27, 2014


With Chaos the creation of the world happened, it is often described like a love affair with God. Almost, for example, most people cannot handle the feeling in your heart when you fall in love. Something akin to where chaos theory meets the devil and everything takes you through Heaven and Hell and back again when it is just a simple matter of picking up the phone and telling your loved ones you love them or want to get married then baby takes you by surprise. This chaos of blood, sweat and tears more hormonally charged than the act of creation itself takes love through a different philosophy. Some never getting there to participate in Gods divine garden where Adam met Eve. The emotion is too strong and does not take everyone to Heaven. Love in Gods garden should be the most special feeling ever felt to participate in Gods divine message. So, like where God met the apple, Adam met Eve and Chaos met Creation, the heart has to meet love.

Saturday, July 26, 2014


The Fall of man was caused by Adam biting the golden fruit of God's divine knowledge. Lucifer came to test Eve who plucked the golden fruit from the forbidden tree and Adam had a bite of the apple. God had to test Adam with his golden divine knowledge and Adam failed him. Satan had to open the Hell Gates of Sin, Death and Hell, misery and war for the evil and unblessed, those not sacred to God. The Fall of Adam took place on a starlit night and the angels cried as God kicked Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden. Adam was not to be trusted with God's divine knowledge and was put to the test by Lucifer. When put to the test with a temptation man more often than not chooses the robbed pathway. God provides a gateway and man relentlessly takes Hell's door for publicity but their only rewards are the angels of Hell taking them to the exit sign, maybe the sign should read: "Gate crashes not welcome to God". God is alarmed at all the party poopers when there is so much more reward for love in the garden.


Friday, July 25, 2014


"When imagination, art and science go, all intellectual gifts, all the gifts of the Holy Ghost, are look'd upon as of no use and only contention remains to man, then the Last Judgement begins. If the spectator could enter into these images in his imagination, approaching them on a Fiery Chariot of his contemplative thought then would he arise from the grave, then would he meet the Lord in the air and then he would be happy." William Blake, A Vision of the Last Judgement, 1810. In this extraordinary account from William Blake of a watercolour to follow, Blake is describing the purification of the work, almost a rebirth of the resurrection of Christ, on the last day he will be saved. Unfortunately Blake was completely overlooked in his day, he did write prolifically in verse so, would not understand why he was misunderstood and this explanation of his accompanying artworks would be nothing other than what was in his heart. So, premise the correct people were obviously not in place there in London. More than likely this was simply because his intellect surpassed them a thousandfold. God would have wanted Blake to outshine the rest. William Blake was a pure genius.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


In the creation of the world a Heaven was nominated through our hearts and God had to educate us down gently as to where Heaven was. The Heaven was spherical and consisted of a centre so, like the nucleus of every human cell, the centre of the earth has a core and has an outer layer as the centre of the heart is where God enters in. So, every human cell represents to God where Heaven is for the human heart, the golden place. Heaven is on earth and can be seen in Gods divine garden but the special place you take yourself at death, through the last door, is between you and God. The gold, the quicksilver to love, the mercury of the philosophers delight takes takes wings with Gods theories generated through an individual to make a new and ever occurring evaluation of the divine spirit in mans heart for the ever organic process of nature, growth of the spirit of man. This love through Gods divine gold takes your heart to him and he loves you in your garden. To reach God in an understanding of philosophy takes you to where you need to observe God in the garden. I love God to love the rosebush.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


The cosmic egg represents the four corners of the globe, imagination, reason, passion and the body. The apocalyptic creatures represent the night of reason. They come at the end of the world as we know it and the beginning of time, when the cosmic egg breaks into divine chaos and creation is created. The four parts of the whole equal one. The star is nominated for you to be born under and the work is complete for God in the garden. When the first star appears in Heaven in early evening, there is a light shining in the garden for God to observe the rosebush. Love God to love the cosmic egg. Order in chaos theory has a play here and we nominate the language. Stars light the way for us with patterns to observe, our imagination tells us this where reason would not observe without Galileo inventing the telescope, passion tells us this and take your physical body outside on one starlit evening to observe on your own, the heavens of God and Gods divine garden in the sky. God takes us down through earth akin to Dante's journey to show you who is from Hell and why God does not want any of those Hell victims anywhere near his sacred knowledge. So, what do you think evil people would do with the gold? Sell it to Satan for a lesser price than he is worth to them. Why is God, Satan, too? To catch the thieves who stole the gold. So, why does God want the blessed amongst the evil? Dante was not evil going on a journey through Hell and neither was his special love, Beatrice. Happening when Dante physically walked along the streets of Florence where he lived he saw the petit bourgeois acting out the same routine and this he described in his note taking as being stuck on a certain level of Hell, he passed all these people on his journey through the underworld, somewhere where Christ also visited even though it was just on the streets. Christ was crucified as nobody knew the society he kept. So, the 'Great Work' of God cannot be interrupted but what did God create, man.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Eyes of God are resplendent. Some represent the waters others the flow of nature. God told me this on the seventh day of creation. Eyes roam the world and assess the evil. God notices this, as is the eye of God. The eye is the flower of God and represents the heart. The garden has eyes of God and this is represented in his divine work in nature and in the smell of the flowers, God sees you looking at his divine work and you picking a bunch of flowers. Eyes of God see to this. The colours of Gods divine garden are red through to gold. God loves you seeing this. Eyes of God do not allow us to trespass his divine understanding of the garden of knowledge for God. A philosopher is allowed to communicate with the Lord. God sees to this and tries to protect himself from Hell. The divine serpent hisses in your ear if you trespass too close to God and takes the demon snake in your heart to talk to Satan. So, the eye of God is free roaming the earth for those who need him to participate in the work. How the eye sees is through the garden.

Monday, July 21, 2014


On the first day of creation God said he and dirt was on the ground. On the second day God said he and the seed was sown. God bless. On the third day a star was noticed and God said he is the one. God knowns how. On the forth day of creation God said thee and smiled. Five days later God noticed plants appearing. Not thee. So, God gave Eve unto Adam and said he. Six days later a seed was born. God noticed this and produced the seventh day of creation. God loves man to love himself in the garden. God took the star of Bethlehem to mother Mary and said thee. God knows best and God loves the human race to love them self as is the grace of God. Eight days past as was the grace of God and God loved the earth in the garden. God love the flowers of creation and God bless. Nine days later God appeared to man in the form of creation and said yes. Yes, day ten will appear and we will all be blessed and God said this. On day ten Eve said to Adam, I need the fall of man and God said this. So, God sent the devil snake to inform Eve about creation and God took a hold of both of them and sent them through earth via him to start the human race. And on the twelfth day Adam took notice of Eve and what God had created for him to notice that man love a woman and this was the book of Genesis and God said yes. God loves the garden of creation for he created Adam and Eve to create himself in the eye of God. And Jesus was born on hay. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Early philosophy nominated the stars as that is where the philosophers saw God. Nominating the heavens through the universe and dictating the stars or annotating the stars into philosophy. God showed them the way forwards and a divine pathway took them further afield. Their philosophy of the stars nominating differences of opinion gave ancient Judaism, Christian flavours and there Christianity was born, other religions followed this. The Star of David was mainly the Christian following and that was why Christ was crucified. Others wanted a better result and followed different philosophy including ancient texts with a reevaluation of the known. This became too involved for some, followers could not take their philosophy to Heaven, so, instead took it through Hell, the Hell of a demon and their philosophy was banned from the streets. Some were executed for a different point of view but their texts still survive. Twelve stars and twelve individual views of philosophy was either going to take you to Heaven or Hell, if you get to number twelve you have pleased God. Twelve stars for the nominated, twelve tone music for the blessed.

Saturday, July 19, 2014


The planets spin around in an orbit of the Sun. Harmony through your ears, twelve tone for the well observed and a structure rearranged by future composers. The arrangement of the heavens is harmonic and the structure of the universe takes the planets differently with weight over mass over the substance they were formed with, spinning at a different rate to one another with the moons spinning around together. One plus one equals a different universe and three equals five plus one, God takes your heart to another place contemplating the universe and harmonic structure equals the contemplation of the stars. The planets look like stars from earth at nighttime, with a view of the stars above, the Sun is reflected to earth and with the changing patterns we notice a movement of earths position in the universe. Seasonal changes nominate twelve stars of the zodiac, this provides harmony and we notice the seasons in the garden, God tells us this with the flowers come Spring. The harmony in your garden is nominated in Gods divine work and reflected in the heavens.


Friday, July 18, 2014


The philosophical egg equals three, creation, life and death. God told us this on the way through the cosmos to our mothers egg. Satan was not there. Our father would have inseminated the egg with his sperm on a certain wedded night under the star our birthright was nominated under. God told us this on the way through the cosmos so we would not inseminate the wrong egg. The philosophical question is who is the egg? Your mother, father or both. God told us this on the way through the cosmos to inseminate the egg. Then who were your mother or father? God told us this in the garden.

Thursday, July 17, 2014


The seventh cycle of the seventh moon equals Satan. Take the seventh cycle of seven plus seven and the continued rebirth of the number seven through the seventh sphere to continue cycling around the moon seven times and on the seventh hour pray to God for forgiveness for seven reasons possibly sins to God. And on the seventh day at the seventh hour pray to God that the devil is not near and remember God has seven eyes for forgiveness and seven ways to forgive a sin. Seven times seven equals forty nine and that is when God appears to Satan to tell him who has sinned. The sin of God is not to listen to Satan seven times and the wheels turn around clockwise seven times to equal Hell. If you dance for Satan seven times you are no longer part of Gods domain and dance for Satan only. Seven hours of the day have to elapse and on the seventh moon the devil will appear to all sin to wash the feet of Mary. God bless the sacred seven times an hour to acknowledge their worth seven times to take the devil away. The garden of love has seven eyes with seven colours of the seventh angel to take you seven times around the wheel of the garden of earthly delights.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Hell dogs exist in demonic realms of Hell. Philosophers often suggest that they are surrounded by Hell dog demons. You would hope they would be there to protect you from the Hell you face with the human faces not wanting to accept your philosophy, mostly caged demons belong somewhere else. The stars on the ground should nominate the way to a better future. God show the way. Evil breath is not welcome. Give the Hell dog a bone or perhaps some fleshy meat. Snakes in the grass are not tasty to anyone who enjoys eating snake, Hell dogs hefty meal. God take the Hell dogs for a walk in someone else's park, Hell's garden to anti Christians. God take me to a better garden where I will find love and the smell of Spring flowers.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


The twelve gates equal the twelfth season and crown the thorn, the rosebush unto him. The twelfth night equals the twelfth day and the twelfth cycle of the Sun is unto he. Twelve diamonds equal the twelfth star that God needs to take notice of. God bless twelve stars on a starlit night, starry, starry night of twelve stars. Then you plant your rosebushes for twelve nights and water them for twelve days unto thee. Thus spoke the word of God on the twelfth day in Jerusalem unto him and the Lord said, prayers. Twelve tones of love for your favourite composer to see, I love God because he loves thee. God plays Bach in Heaven, he was heavenly sent for his birthday and died under the star of Jerusalem. Amen.

Monday, July 14, 2014


God loves you in the garden of love and takes you to a place to experience him. The true garden is covered with the light of the moon like a garden of white roses. The cycles of the moon reflect the cycles of the planets and when Venus is the star we experience the love of God. A purple cloak to a whitening and a red to signify hope. Love God to love the rosebush of your heart and love your fellow man to love philosophy. The philosophy of the heart to equal love, the rainbow to equal Heaven and white light to equal God. Moons under the stars inform the plants in the garden of the incoming rain, love to a garden plant. My garden is golden and tipped by the wings of philosophy. The philosopher's garden is there for us in Heaven, the last door will take you there to rest your heart. I love God to love me in the garden of love, green through purple to red. Love the philosophy that talks about love. To be a human heart full of love, green equals red, the garden equals philosophy and mathematically we take the star pattern to God to tell him the pathway we need to trespass, a pathway of love and ascension is complete.

Sunday, July 13, 2014


The white rose is from lunar stars and takes you to the colour green. Green in the garden of philosophy is a happy sign through God but one to be missed by Satan. This nomination does not happen for long and is sure to be missed by those in need of resurrection. Those who love God cannot know the philosophy of the heavens through the rose bush. The colour is blue and the sky is near. God took us to the garden of Heaven in our first love affair with him and to the colour orange for love. We love God through the white rose to love himself. Love in the garden is the garden of philosophy of the rose for God. I love God to give me white roses on my birthday with him. We are naked in the garden through the philosophy of love.

Saturday, July 12, 2014


The four seasons are nominated by what happens in the fields and our daily bread. So, the four points of the cross nominate the calendar and directions of the compass, where the westerly wind will come through in Spring and into your garden. Flowers for the bees. Summer takes your breath away and all the fields have been harvested and are at rest until the summer seeds are sown. Dragons teeth for the winds of change in Autumn, Summer sown. The winds take your breath away for Winter hay and the time of rest for the plants in Gods divine garden covered in snow, the animals huddle indoors or hibernate to store their energy for Spring lay when foals of horses are born on Spring hay and lambs are born for the wool of God, jumpers to keep us warm next Summer fall and all the other little creatures participate in Gods divine understanding of love in the garden. Squirrels store nuts for love in Spring for their underworld nest in Winter come fall, the Winter fall of snow. Little field mice have their babies in long grasses of the fields and all the little birds lay their nest.

Friday, July 11, 2014


Bees take you on another philosophy. If you follow their curve you will find the philosophers stone, Mercury to the unknown destiny of him. The structure of the honeycomb informs us about God, the Ancient Greeks gave us a chemical understanding. The chemical analysis of honey gives us oxygen and who does not like Greek honey on Greek yoghurt in Greece for energy. Honeycomb is not available in Greece for the table. The medicinal quality of honey has been known since the Ancient Egyptians, they preserved the afterlife in this so we would carry on the job for God. Most Germans get all messed up because they consume beer to read the bible and this is not suitable for God. Premise the structure of honeycomb has been misused by their industry for too long and God does not approve. Industrial chemistry should stick to another chemical. Medicine should be given another name. Honey is too sweet for the Germans and too well preserved for the French so premise little old honeybees need to flap their sweet little wings through a different philosophy and follow the beeline to the honey pot of their choosing. They will not find the solution anywhere currently being well observed only quietly in the rosebush. They were more involved with a special equation with the exotic cakes of the Far East who use honey. French tapestry would embroider the constellations in the correct way for others with a cosmic solution or honey for God. Love the honeybees to love thy self, premise the philosophy of the honeybee.

Thursday, July 10, 2014


God leaves his signature for us in the leaves of the trees to himself in the star patterns in nature. Trees of love equal trees of growth to the philosophy, flowers of love. Other than this we have to consult God about love in the garden via the lemon trees through Heaven, Heaven in the heart of philosophy, sweetening for sugar crepes, lemon and sugar, spice for all things nice. Love in the garden for philosophy equals love in the heart to God. In the sea of creation there are animals who represent God by design. You may find these washed ashore after high tide, not that the tidal beaches are resplendent anymore with high tidal activity and Southern polar melting. These love patterns by design of God by the stars allow us to decipher the star patterns left in nature. Beautiful starfish frequent the ocean floor, sometimes swimming through their destination to require Gods divine light and sparkle in the water on their swim through the depths of the ocean. Seahorses accompany them and are transpired, translucent and swim through God in a different way, sparkling in a different way as they delicately propel themselves through the ocean and arrive to their destination among some coral reef, Gods divine home through nature, Gods Aladdin cave for the fishes of Christ.