Monday, September 30, 2019

Unbeknown to us

Nicole Page-Smith

Unbeknown to us

Birds fly. They fly and small flocks visit winter trees in winter. Seeds of native plants have species of finches and the resemblance of Christ, fly through. All birds are blessed with red faces but their wings are the reflection of ascension. Flying they fly through air and seek shelter in flocks. Flying and in flight as animals would gather together, smaller birds need protection. Larger animals and birds need isolation and quite often breed in isolation of one another. All seems necessary about food. Gathering.

Gathering together angels fly. In the heavens above angels gather around like seraphim. Angels of heaven and skies are an indication of where the blue air resides. Air is the fire, the water and the sky. We travel like birds to the angel realms of heaven and sometimes heaven can be in the sky. Heaven can be in the warmth of warm clothes, reading and on Earth. Angels can live in the sky. The fire of the sky is an angel realm of heaven and air is the substance of the sky. Angels exist on Earth. Angels fly into the light and remind you of the sunset in the sky, orange then, pink, nor purple, angels exist in the sky.

Birds, fly but angels are from another realm. As birds fly and ascend upwards on the updrafts of warm air ascending, gliding without flapping their wings, this is the experience of angels who hover more than glide. Hovering and becoming sky is a spiritual thing and angels lead you. Ascending angels are different to angels on the ground. Angels are not human or from the human realm and you feel do inform us of God. Angels appear attracted to anything they consider of their magical worth. The angelic realms of heaven are in the sky. Earthly realms are of a different nature and we exist in the angelic realm of heaven unbeknown to us.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

The sky

Nicole Page-Smith 

The sky

Golden is the light.

Angels, fly. And are stars for the infinite. We fly to the stars. Stars between Earth and the stars take you. Planets including Venus, Mercury and Jupiter are there and angels are between the stars. Stars. Heaven is in the sky but in the clouds. Clouds drift. Drifting between the golden light and the angels we become cloud and then, light. We are one. One world and one, One with God, One with God is one with nigh and one with nigh is the Lord. Birds fly like angels in the sky and glimmer. Transcendent is the light. Light. Cathedrals are the light. To go from the light of the cathedral to all the angels in sky we need to turn to the light of God. Golden feathers take you there on the wings of finches. Finches were trained as pets to accompany the churchyard, icon, personal altars and merchants during the Baroque. Flying like angels finches are attracted to the light. The blood red light of Christ is the golden light you would see if birds flew through the light. Stars take you to God.

Light, the light flies forth.

Trees have birds in the trees. Trees and birds are of the wing of god. Angels are of the tree. Trees are only welcome to angels when nature is of the tree. Birds fly like angels, seraphim in the clouds. But, past the clouds, the heavens exist. The angelic realms between birds and the sky take us to the distance of the Sun and planets revolve as if through a rainbow of colors. As we approach death we only see the light. Are all our dreams in black and white? Colored dreams are for god.

Angels, fly.

Flying we fly. Upwards is the motion of angels. If you follow, the steeple towards the sky, upwards, towering in the sky you will be flying and steeples flying with buttresses, flying with flying buttresses. And clouds you will fly with the angels. Clouds are the range of religious experience needed and describe the heavens, ascension and the sky. When we go past the universe to the region of heaven needed for the blessed we enter the light of birds flying in the sky and a flight. However, this place is not heaven for those not blessed by God. The light of the infinite travels with the spirit, traveling. When we are in the angel realm, flying we enter the water of the sky. We become air and the fire of the heavens, the light is our knowledge and the flight of birds an indication. Flight and the golden wings of finches, fly and trees travel upwards to the sky. Heaven is the realm of the sky. 

Sunday, September 22, 2019


Nicole Page-Smith


Angels, fly

Flying angels are stars.
Stars are shining.
Shining is an angel and angels only shine in their golden pathway to the sky. 

Golden light.

Light is the golden. Star.
Stars shine when angels enter the churchyard. Churches.

Rose windows glimmer in the light.

Through ascension windows, coloured light shines. Shining.
Flying and in heaven angels sing. Seraphim enter the white light.

Realms of heaven appear golden and angelic. 
White light and stars glimmer as if stars were the light. Light is the way forward but surrounds you. The sun is shining as if in your eyes. The realms of heaven between the Earth and the Sun do shine. In heaven light is of ascension.

Going to the cathedral you travel to the stars, up the cathedral steeple. Angels, fly. Flying through ascension, colours are made like the rainbow. Although, heaven is white, the temples to gods and angels fly through coloured reflections. Do reflections of angels occur in colour? Wing tips. The tips of angel wings are the colours of ascension and like birds flying through forests provide only a glimpse of colour. The colour of angels is like the sky all colours turn to blue. You would not imagine the colours of a rainbow to turn blue but when the rainbow fades all you see is the sky.

Golden is the light.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Angels, fly

F. X. Messerschmidt, A Hypocrite and Slanderer, c. 1770-83,
Metropolitan Museum of Art

Angels, fly

Extremity, the Baroque is dramatic.

The character heads, a grimace, madness and like Leonardo an anatomy. F. X. Messerschmidt describes caricature, a science of human psychology and emotional expression. Angels wings tangled, feathers flying and the human spirit soaring in directions of uncontrollable emotion. The Holy Spirit feels dampened but as complicated as a storm and the wind. Human emotions soared higher than the birds and are tossed around to the nonexistence of the psyche, the metaphysics in the knowing.

Leonardo da Vinci, The skull sectioned, 1489, 
Royal Collection Trust

Maddening, madness and the psychology of an unknown quality, when, you think of what is behind the extremity of a situation you are ballooned to proportions. Ballooning and taken elsewhere, the monster of the psyche forms the expression needed. Needing, are we for the historic information. But, facts are twisted along with the emotions and social commentary to the point of darkness. Psychosis takes us back to the "momento mori" of the day and almost to a refined version of a conservative time in history. We are almost the "still life" or a refection on the essence of what is behind death, what precedes madness, darkness and death is the metaphysics.

Leonardo da Vinci, The bones and muscles of a bird's wing, c. 1512-13,
Royal Collection Trust

If we then reflect on the death of Christ before the tomb we may get to the veiling of Christ and its significance. We travel with the birds and then, are taken to the Holy Spirit. The spirit of Christ ascended during the time of the Crucifixion and became the star but the Holy Spirit is amongst us. God looks at us from afar. Tangled is the emotion of love and death and the love of Christ, we are veiled, ascended and taken to a church to rise with voices of angels.

The cloth of the veiled Christ bares the image of Christ.


Feathers, feathers ascending.

Angels, fly.


Nicole Page-Smith

Museo Cappella Sansevero

Sunday, September 8, 2019

In the wind

Nicole Page-Smith

In the wind

Flying through the stars and entering the mystical realm, you enter the Milky Way. Flying is the way through the universe. A way forward through the universe is for the feathers of angels. Flying is something angels do more in a concept of flying through the air and as the vapour becomes rain. Rain and cold hit your face as though you are bracing the outdoors in the middle of winter and the veiling occurs of wind. Becoming one with the atmosphere as spirits enter their own way down to earth is to become one with God, clouds are the way forward to Jesus but birds enjoy the rain. The Milky Way is what we were born out of but clouds simply take you down via the stars to earth like rain. Once you have been through this process you become earth. Walking the Earth you fly back up to the stars with the angels and then in a way only known to gods are air and the wind of the sea. Our spirit becomes universe and flying as though feathers were attached we are transported. The cosmos is our home. Golden and of an eternity we drift like pollen in Spring air for all the infinite universe to see with the light of the Sun and the stars. A dual reality exists where we are cosmos and earthly bound. If there were to be cosmography written of the universe we would all equal the map, walking as though in starlight, lighting the universe for God. The perpetual being on earth while we are alive and then going to spirit as the sound of birds in the trees at dawn has us flying. We become cloud and drift all day in our thoughts but to become nature is all God longs for. Stars fall down from heaven and hit the earth but we only notice the dust like the dust of fire meets the sky. On the glory day of the morn a new heaven is born. 

Heaven is in the morning. And heaven is in the Sun. The moon, the stars and the cosmos talk readily to nature. Trees are aware and the birds sing on and fly away in the winter. Migratory birds find a warmer climate. Merrily flying about you all Spiring and Summer, long. 

Migratory birds, birds flying, trees flying, the sky flying. You wonder what migratory birds are feeling when they are flying towards warmer places and watching trees blow in the wind and the clouds departing, racing on by. Every winter when the weather plummets and the birds, fly off, you wonder what the motivation could be as other birds do not fly off when the weather cools. There seems to be plenty of food for smaller birds. Flying through the clouds you wonder if they are thinking of food or simply have an inner, radar governing their direction. Perhaps wind currents inform birds of their direction and other than the odd storm, the birds simply ride the currents of the air. Riding the air like the wind, birds fly. The veiling of Christ is like the wind through bird's wings and flutters.

Universes were sort. Sort by way of stars and there were comets involved. Wings flutter like space. Christ lives in heaven and amongst the sky and the clouds some nights you may see stars. Stars. 

Whole universes and stars, comets, floating, planets, slowly revolving around, fluttering, the veiling cloth of Christ is as though in the wind.

Monday, September 2, 2019

Nature is ever present - Feathers fly

Nicole Page-Smith

Nature is ever present


Ascending, the birds fly. Upward is an understanding of ascension. Feathers fly with the birds. Ascending angels gather around and when you walk they fly. Flying is something for the birds and angels tend to ascend.

Feathers in the nest and the odd feather on the ground are of the plumed variety of feathers. Feathered lining and feathers, angels hover all round us. We are flying and travelling with the birds in ascension like birds flying up through the trees. Our journey is of the feathered nest. We fly through life like the birds through the sky. Clouds would know a better time as ascension is as fleeting a moment. Our mortal life takes us to the immortality we know through god and gods and our spirits home. 

The distance between the sun and the moon is the sun. Time is of essence.

We witness the Veiled Christ.

Giusseppe Sanmartino, "Il Cristo Velato"  (The Veiled Christ), 1753, 
Museo Cappella Sansevero, Naples, Italy

Ascension is of a knowing of Christ. The veiling of Christ is to take us to ascension. Shrouded. If you think of ascension you are taken up to the clouds. To become water with the clouds you become all the rivers and streams and then, fly up with the birds as if for a continuation. To become the shrouded with the viewing of Christ is to become ascension with an angel. Now, the angel of Christ is in the knowing of the Lord. Angels of ascension took Christ to Heaven. Christ's veiling is a significant example of ascension but the birds. All the creatures of ascension were well known to the Baroque but in a very dark way and there we fly off with the finch. The blood red colouring of the finch with the gold represents the blood of Christ. Leaves have trees but are thinking of the grotto not the cave. Blue is our ascension serving but skyward with the clouds, the birds and the rain. We are crowned and dancing free as if there were rain on the roof but really the release of ascension takes us higher. The angels of Christ are there for us. As if going mad and hearing chattering and seeing people grimace in contorted expressions we realise god was only talking of the angel. Angels smile, weep and cry along with us. Angels are held within your heart and tend to fly off when we ascend they carry your heart as if on wings. We ascend like vapour and join with the clouds. Trees blow in the wind. Birds flutter off and go to the love of God, birds of the hand fly to. 

Carel Fabritius, The goldfinch, 1654, Mauritshuis, Den Haag

When birds of the hand fly, they fly up to the top of the treetops as though out of your hand to God. Imagine if the world sprung out of your hand. Is god our magician? We did spring out of the garden with all the flowers and the trees one, day. On the day of the Lord we were one with God. We did spring and it was Spring, we did rise with all the new shoots and flew off with the birds. Nests and feathers were feathering the nest and new chicks in the trees chirped, happily. All Spring blossomed and flowered from the earth. We grew out of the garden. All Spring blossomed and flowered from the earth. We grew out of the garden. Gardens grow in Spring, time and time is of the flight of god in ascension, we are here on earth for a shortened time. Like trees we fall. When we fall to earth we are of the earth falling through the earth we fall through space. Space and dark matter are the same as earth and we are of the earth and we spring up with spring flowers. To spring up with spring flowers we grow anew.

Growing and spring are one. One flower in the cycle of the Lord includes all life and death. The fragile quality of earth is as though we all crumble and crumbling to dust we all grew, growing from the fertile earth. As fast as we materialize and become, we disintegrate. We therefore become God's love or part of the spirit of the earth. The earth has spirit for we are and our spirit actually forms from the earth, we are of the spirit earth. Earth and Spirit are one with God for we are, the Universe. We are the moon and the Sun. Now, the moon and the Sun are part of our Universe, part of the spirt earth, for we are one with the Universe and are one, the one, God. Our spirit is of the Earth and we are of the stars, stars fly off with comets and meteorites where we become one. One star bears our name and this is the star we go to and are born underneath, God gives us a pathway.

Feathers fly.