Friday, July 31, 2015

page 29

Nicole Page-Smith


Seven colours of the rainbow do we see on our journey down from Heaven, we are born in Heaven to find Earth. As we float down through the clouds to find our heavenly place on Earth, we find our angel. Our angel is our home for God and Jesus is our life. The bible was the philosophy of the human being and other religions saw the human being differently, so, they participated another sacred scroll for Jesus. Christ was our name in Heaven and that is why we see the stars at night, he gave us our rainbow of ascension, so, we would find love in our hearts. God love the angel of Christ and Christ say, his name. Jesus was our fame for the Christian calendar. Human beings only find love through an angel, the angel of love visit your home. The colours of ascension find love in your heart and the Sun shines through your window. The window of your heart is the window. God show the angel of love.