Sunday, July 19, 2015

page 20

Nicole Page-Smith


Seven eyes are upon us unto the Lord, for we are in love with Jesus Christ and his angel of love, for seven colours does she hold. God thinks about the colours of ascension for us and places them in nature for us to view her, the angel of beauty for God is in love with the Earth. God took us to the angel in our heart and that is why we were given beautiful ascension. Ascension is our colour as it holds all colour and ascension to Heaven. Ascension to Heaven takes your heart via the eyes of God and the angels brush your cheek. Angels speak to you in your heart about a new coming day and that is why we see God in the sky. Angels appear to have eyes in their wings as we have eyes in our hearts for wings. Wings of love inform wings of change and hope. Hope gives you an angel as love gives you a heart. The eyes are upon us for love. God loves you to appreciate his Earth as he appreciates you loving him for nature. Angels fly all around in Heaven, as we are Earth for he is Heaven. Heaven is on Earth and "we are blessed by God, in God's Divine garden". God's Divine garden exists in your heart for God and the angel of love, and God takes you here to find him. We are blessed in a Heaven on Earth for the blessed in Heaven. Heaven for the blessed is a Heaven in the heart for his seven eyes are upon you. God bless the angel of love.