Tuesday, July 14, 2015

page 15

Nicole Page-Smith


When the golden love of the angels is upon us we are blessed. Seven eyes view us in seven ways for God. Love is the language of the angels. Seven colours take you to the garden of Christ and leave you there for the plants to grow. In the garden of angels, Christ lived for us with his love. The angels have golden wings tipped with ascension. Angels of love do inform our love about the story of the human being as Christ was our witness. The garden is our Heaven and our heart lives there for God. We dance in seven ways for God to take our ascension to Heaven and golden is the place for our heart. Love is the colour of your angel and love is the colour of your heart. The angels of Heaven reflect the Sun and that is why their translucent wings reflect colour like the reflection of the point of your heart, the tip informs God, the God point is golden, golden with ascension colours for my angel and my angel is love. The Sun is a prism of love as the light reflected, reflects God. Angels reflect Heaven and ascension reflects the Earth, we are reflected in the Sun. In the garden of Christ, we are in our heart, seven times for the Lord, Jesus Christ. God protect our angels, as seven is our duality.