Thursday, July 30, 2015

page 28

Nicole Page-Smith


The two ways to Christ are trodden path. Seven stages take you to one, the reverse take you to another. Look forward to look back, on the trodden pathway, as God wants you to find the human being in yourself and ask Christ the way. Jesus was born to realize Christ and this is the Christian way. God had him born and that is where he lay. Look back to the beginning of his birth to find out the Christian way. God had Jesus Christ born to realize the human being and the dove told his name, to an angel. Jesus loves us in Heaven to realize his name. Angels tell us the rest in seven verses to Christ. There is one way to God. The Seven Sins tell you a lie, so, beware of the Devil, Satan said. God tried hard to please us, and the rest is up to you, Sin or the Devil. Temptation is a curse. There are seven reasons to lie and seven reasons to lie harder. There are seven ways to be human and God had to show the way, with the inverse reflection. Show God your face, as you are publicity, today. Gone are your Sins.