Wednesday, July 29, 2015

page 27

Nicole Page-Smith


In seven ways are we blessed for Jesus Christ, the Lord said, in seven ways unto one and then God stepped in, to hold his hand. We have seven ways to live for God and seven ways to be for Jesus. Seven ways for Mary is seven ways for God, said: the Virgin Mary. We walk that way. We are that way and God said: how? Seven is the number of God and he said: why? We are seven with him and he said: when? When we are God with him in seven ways and he said: why not? And we said: the seven ways unto Jesus and he said: God find a star. We said: there are seven ways to Heaven and God said: find one. Follow your seven stars and you will find one. There are seven ways to Jesus and he said: find one. One way forward is one way back. So, look both ways to Jesus Christ. Amen.