Thursday, July 2, 2015

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Nicole Page-Smith


Our seventh eye is the water, the water of God is our baptism and there are seven reasons to life, the life of the water. He cleanses me and thirsts my drink. Our eternal water is our eternal life and God wants us drink of this vessel. We have seven reasons to live by the Christian water, seven ideas about Christ and seven eyes to view the water, seven ways for God. The seven angels communicate seven ideas to God, so, our Holy Spirit, sing unto the Lord. Sing Spirit, seven songs of love for we are one to communicate the prayer. The prayer of God is our angel, seven times, for God to know our seven eyes are upon us. I love God to love me seven ways, to the Christian water, a giver of life, for the saved. Save your Soul to nominate seven. The seven angels said. I love God in Heaven, to love me on the Cross. Christ is our given water.