Saturday, July 11, 2015

page 12

Nicole Page-Smith


The seven Spirits grace Christ, seven times. Seven is the word of God and we only hear it spoken as the angels indicate our blessing. We are blessed and man blesses us for the seven doves to Heaven, they occur in a flock, and Jesus Christ said their name was the name of the Spirit. Seven eyes are upon us for God as we see in seven ways how nature sees our eyes. Seven things occur in nature for us to view and like a flower we flower for her, like a tree, we are blessed by angels, like nature, we love the forest, like a forest, we reflect Heaven, our nature is to be blessed, like the animals of the forest, we love nature, and like the stars we have a reflection. The Universe is our garden in Heaven and we are Gods Divine angels to be blessed in Heaven. The light of Heaven is reflected in the stars and that is why we know the Universe in our hearts because the planets spin around us. Heaven in the heart is blessed. Angels, for the seven eyes of God, hold seven stars. We may have seven hearts for him but God only needs one. Seven is for the love of God.