Wednesday, July 15, 2015

page 16

Nicole Page-Smith


So, when we think about the number seven, we can be taken two ways. One is a reflection of the other, so, we can realize the pitfalls of our human nature. When tested and tempted, some only turn to the Seven deadly Sins, but, there is a reflection in the clouds because God watches over us. Seven is reflected in seven ways in nature and all seven natural occurrences occur in colour. The similar equation can be thought about with human emotions, all seven have a colour coordinate, and, all are black and white. Nature should be black and white as nature issues colour. Green is for the grass and leaves of the trees, brown is for the stems, but, white and coloured are their flowers as perfumed is your garden. Other colours glisten in the Sun because God wants you to love his warmth, the emeralds and the blues take the sky to you, where the white of the fluffy clouds view of a passing day. We are in Heaven when we are green, but this is the most raw of emotions, we are in love with the pink of the flowers, red is for a stronger emotion, and tells you of the passion of a heavily scented flower. The sky is full of the colours of our angel, on a rising dawn and sunset shows us night. The indigo shade of the night is in love with God because there is starlight, in the sky. Shining brightly, when we see the moon, we see our colours and then the dawn of another day. Colours of the rainbow are our ascension and that is why we love God in Heaven. Heaven holds our colours for love.