Sunday, July 12, 2015

page 13

Nicole Page-Smith


God is our love in seven ways and that is why we have a heart. Seven times, you are supposed to love somebody. We have seven stages of being and all these require love, seven times are we made aware of the seven requirements in seven years that are to come from birth until our seventh year and so on, every year through the seven stages. We are nominated in our life with seven people to love in our seven ages of being so, seven times do we have to ask God on a seventh day to advise our hand where that is. Seven is the seventh star for Jesus and under the seventh Heaven for some denominations of religion, this is the time to notice God and ask your heart where love lives, in the stars. Love is for God to notice. In the seventh Heaven "we are blessed by angels" and seven times, angels bless us in Heaven, the angel of love is upon us. God bless the angel of love.