Saturday, July 18, 2015

page 19

Nicole Page-Smith


Why did God give us seven ways to love the Lord, Jesus Christ, seven ways to love the pathway of nature, seven ways to God and seven reasons to find the angel of love? The angel of love is of seven, has seven eyes, seven colours, seven ways to love you and is blessed seven times for God. Her seven wings are upon us for the Lord, Jesus Christ. He loved us to love her in Heaven, seven times unto the Lord. She is mother earth, she is nature seven times and she is in love with her. God bless Christ, God bless his angel and God bless the blessed. Seven times she said: "I love you", seven times for her and in seven ways we respect her, as she is the Virgin of love. Seven colours did she hold for him, the Lord, Jesus Christ. Seven is her colour for him, for she is love and he is colour. Jesus Christ say: "I love you", seven ways unto him and God say a prayer. I love you God to love me. Love in seven ways takes you to nature. God inform the snake, the worm, the grass and all the smaller creatures unto him. God bless seven creatures today of the earth, in nature. Seven flowers are his Sin for the Lord, Jesus Christ. He is the Lord, Jesus Christ unto him and God bless.