Friday, August 28, 2015

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Nicole Page-Smith


Heaven is a blessing of the angel. The birds take you, there, to Heaven, as your heart flies around with them. Seven times you are to notice the birds in Heaven, sometimes, hourly, in your garden, sometimes, daily, in your heart or Seven times in your lifetime, you will be touched by God like Seven birds appearing in your tree, the tree of life. Seven colours appear on the bird of love and shimmer in the sunlight as the Divine colours reflect the sea. Shimmering greens and blues, through to purples and reds, oranges and yellows, as we fly with the bird of love, to reflect Heaven. We shimmer with sunlight and the bird of love, for God, to notice. God bless the sea of birds in the ocean and all birds are Divine, for God. We are bird as they are feather. Let our heart fly onto God, as colour shimmers onto him. The birds sail on, with the wind, as our heart returns, to the garden. We descend gently, with the garden birds, back to, the Heaven of Divine Earth and we love the angels, here, in the garden, as the birds, twitter, and, speak to us. Fly on birds of love, to your garden.

Seven birds reside in your garden, of Heaven and this is Paradise, for the blessed. God bless the Divine birds, in the garden. The Divine tree is the sacrifice of God and the Christian association of Passion. We are the fruit of Christ. We bare fruit, in the garden, of Christ, for our blood is his sacrifice. The tree of God is our Divine life. We are Divine like the tree and the birds, represent, our Paradise or Heaven. The birds fly through our Divine garden and rest on the trees. In Paradise, we are for the ascension, of God and, here, we see his colours as being, Divine. The birds of Paradise are our Divine angels and they see us, in Seven colours, for God. The tree of God is our Divine tree, for we are his fruit and he is our garden. In the garden of Christ, we are his knowlege, for we are the wisdom of God, as here, we bare fruit, the fruit of knowledge, that the birds peck at, in your garden. The birds of Paradise ascend God's knowledge, as they pass through your garden and we fly with them. The place, in your heart, where you find, the birds of Paradise, is reflected in nature, in God's Divine garden and is his sacred place. The birds reflect love, as God, wanted the human heart, to understand Heaven, in the garden. The angels sit on the trees, with our heart, for they are Paradise, in your garden. Heaven take me to Paradise.

In Paradise, where Seven verses equal Seven vices, we are guarded, by angels. All the way to Heaven, the angels line our way and then, we are blessed. Make sure you bless the angel. It is not an easy passage, to Heaven, all along the way, there are pitfalls and this is called being human, for some, the Devil, test your worth. Christ, was tested for his virtue. As Christians, we go through the passages of wrath like the Divine Comedy or the Dante, book of worth, but we are not a joke to God. What was the joke for Medieval, Christians? The reverse of Hell is the reverse of God. It would only be the Pagan Christian, festival of food, for Catholic Italians, who would bless the Earth, more than God, in the sky. Unfortunately, inclement weather, would have caused, the Devil, as plague, was frequent with heavy rain, and rain, of course, falls out of, the sky. A Heaven, for the blessed, was under the churchyard. Romans, would have blessed, other gods, coming from Ancient Greece, the same gods share, Greek and Roman, names. For example, the god of the sky, Jove is Zeus and so forth. For many Christians, the god of the sky, is, God the Father and for others, Moses, is who is worshipped as God the Father and altars of Rome, do suggest this. Other religions passed though Rome. When Rome, was the Roman Empire, Rome, would have been the centre, of a big, trade link and would have been the business centre, as it is, the Papal Court, of today. The centre of learning, would not have established routes, from Rome, as books were gilded, further north. Like most Empire states, Rome, would have been the centre of power, a political forum or seat of many an emperor, we can still read the books of, today. Vigil has been well cited.

In the book of, "The Divine Comedy", the story describes, Dante, taken by, Virgil, on a journey, down through Hell, to find ideal love, in the form of the character, Beatrice. The book is of the nature of a biblical account of, Jesus Christ, descending through Hell, to find Heaven or Paradise. A similar account, of Divine love or idealism, was ventured with Virgil's "Aeneid". The kind of heightened states of awareness, reached with certain periods of Enlightenment, does correspond a similar poetic, philosophical, understanding of God. The circles of Hell, demonstrated with Dante, are crossing paths in interpretation with Neo-Platonism and the Divine circles of Heaven. Various, religious influences, would have been in place, in Dante's time, for this account of Roman Catholic theology, to equal God. Once again, to find idealism, the Purgatory, of the Seven deadly Sins, has to be addressed and redemption concealed. Although, emotionally human beings can take their darker side, to Hell and often want to hide it, along with burying the dead, in the first circle, of Hell or underground, Sin, concealed, grows monsters. Dante was blessed.

The Seven circles, of Hell, reflect, the Seven circles, of Heaven and spiral, all the way up, to the Seventh Heaven. Seven times Seven equals Seven, in God's Divine domain as Heaven equals one, the one and Heaven. There are Seven Heavens for God, but it is all the one, Heaven. Dante was referring to something quite different in his realms of Babel. Catholicism, in Dante's time, would have been heavily influenced by, Judaism. For Dante, the realm of Paradise was his Garden of Eden, even though we are transported to a realm of Heaven in the starry sky above. Paradise is set in the celestial realms of Heaven, where we see God, in the stars and his Divine light, transcribed. Predominantly, in the Northern Hemisphere, an understanding of Heaven is under the Earth and this is a celestial comprehension, in itself, where they meet the stars, that way and Heaven. The tower of Babel is a comment on the Book of Genesis, hence, why Dante, took us through circular realms, to the garden of Paradise. For Dante, the birds of Paradise would have been a view of where you would find the Divine angels of God. Seven circles were to take you to Heaven. Celestial circles of nature, would have been, so, tied up with food, for the Northern Italians, that, to this day, the Seasonal food is heavenly. A garden of Paradise is a Garden of Eden.



Friday, August 21, 2015

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Nicole Page-Smith


When you are in Heaven, you are observed by the clouds and the angels look down on you. God observe my name. Clouds have the eyes of angels because it rains. God cries, too, when you are sad, as he knows you are not feeling his love, in Heaven. The sky observes you as God is looking in. The planets and the Universe, do observe you, too. We feel the pull of the planets and their moons, while they circle around, in a circle. The Sun is our epicenter, for the Universe, while the stars guard our seven ways of being. We are in harmony, when the angels, speak our name and the clouds, face the sky, for an answer. The sky reflects our heart, when we are, in Heaven. We reflect the sky, when angels, speak to our heart. We are, under the stars, for God. A reflection of God, in Heaven, is your guiding star. Comets and falling stars, tell you the direction of the wind, with the changing Season, bringing you, with you. God take me to my star path, so, I reflect the angels, in the clouds.

The moon reflects the clouds, on a starlit night and then, we see the star of Jesus. The pattern, of the Cross, is only available, on a well lit night. The Earth is in the shadow of the Sun, at night. The starlit night, nominates, Jesus Christ. Heaven is above, in the night sky and stars light up the way. When, the clouds, pass a shadow, over the moon, the stars shine brightly, above. The sky is a Heaven, above, Jesus. Stars show the way. The ring of stars, above Jesus, demonstrates, his Christian brethren. The Lord, saw him there, praying for Jesus. He was anointed a Saint. Amen. God, love Jesus, in Heaven, under the stars. We see, Jesus, in broad daylight, but he only sees God. We are bathed, in the light of his face, as he is the face of God. Stars are the face of God, as they reflect Heaven. Love God, to love you, in Heaven, as he is our face and we smile. Stars twinkle, above Heaven, when God, smiles back. God, be your stars, above and, you be, his Heaven. We are love, in Heaven. Jesus, hold your star.

For, Seven reasons, Jesus, holds your star and for, Seven knowing reasons. The known reason, of God, is Jesus. Eyes take us to Heaven. There are eyes in nature and they see as they look up, to the sky. Do I have eyes that see, God in Heaven? My eyes tell me, this, is the pathway and we see. There are angels, in the trees and they see you. There are creatures, in nature and they observe. There are angels, in flowers and they only observe, God, like the butterflies. Butterflies ascend light. There are eyes, in Heaven and they gaze down upon us, like the stars, at night. Nature observes itself. We seem to have very little purpose, for God, amongst nature and the trees. All creatures do see us pass by and the trees seem to recognize us, unobserved. We, observe, the way of nature as it speaks to our heart and quite often, the beauty of the vista, takes us to Heaven. However, we walk along as though our purpose is needless and we could have been born, a butterfly or a tree, with more purpose, for God.

As butterflies ascend God's Divine purpose we notice God, in the trees and flowers, the butterflies flutter around. As needless as our purpose is, in God's Divine garden and the Heaven on Earth, a creation for our view, we represent God, in observing, his Divine, gifts of love, to our heart. The heart is in a flutter for God, in his garden. We ascend the knowledge, of his view and the birds tell us, of Christ, for he ascended, to Heaven, for the love of God. The birds fly in the sky. Our heart drifts up, to Heaven, in the sky like a cloud, on a windy day and we fly like the birds, in our heart, to God. Heaven observes we care. God observes we notice him, in Heaven and we continue walking his pathway. Love is a trodden path and Christ, observed our name, amongst the trees. The bird of the heart, fly onto me, and God, fly onto me like the wind. The wind carries our heart along like sheets of rain, with an incoming storm being, our love for God. The sea holds our heart, at high tide, while the rivers swell, with our love. Seven eyes reflect God, like seven rivers, in full flow and the birds, tell the angels, of the night sky, of Heaven, about the Sun. The stars, above, take our hearts, to Heaven.

Often, in the history of time, the stars were observed, as they nominate our heritage and the history of the Earth. You could tell the age, of plant life, on Earth, by observing the stars and if you equated, how often the Earth, had circulated around the Sun, this would be an indication. Certain, ancient books, will describe the benefit of planting plants, under star patterns, of a certain Season, this is a very old practice and would have been the main indicator, of God, in the sky, from early Christian times. Philosophy, from the beginning of Christianity, does speak of God, contributed mathematically, so, you could literally, count up the days, until planting time was necessary and then, observe the star patterns, an early equation, of the calendar month. These days, we have the pretty, art picture, variety of calendar, stuck on the fridge, to nominate, the calendar month and day of the week, to notice. Prior to this, they had to make a mathematical observation as to where Heaven was and what God meant by planting the seed. One plus one, should equal God, and man should listen to his heart, where a star pattern is reflected. We all have one purpose for God and that is, Heaven.


Friday, August 14, 2015

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Nicole Page-Smith


When the colours of the angels appear in your home you are blessed by an angel, God say your name. Colours of ascension take you further via the angels, to God. Angels take you further and fly with your Spirit to Heaven, where the colours of angels, live. We see the colours of the angels, down here, on Earth, in nature, with the little creatures of God and these remind us of ascension. Colourful birds fly upwards, towards the sky, and this is to remind us, God lives in Heaven, up above the clouds, somewhere. God, also, lives in nature and that is why we know nature, as it is beautifully coloured, with a reflection of the sky and God in Heaven. For those, who do not see, gardens are beautifully scented, with the smell of flowers and you can feel the velvety undergrowth, if you walk barefoot. The garden of love is the garden of ascension, and this is why gardens can be beautiful via nature, as we are via God, to think, breath, smell the flowers and feel the gentleness of nature, as though a little bird has brushed your cheek. God bless the angels. Birds fly in the trees and inform God of nature by ascending our love unto him. Fly Spirit unto God, and dapple the trees with sunlight. Your garden is your home and God take you to your garden to embrace your seven angels of love. Christ, say a prayer.

In Heaven, stars nominate the way and God, say a prayer. Twelve stars show you the position of Christ on the Cross. God, say my name, for I observe Heaven, in the stars. Heaven is the home of Christ and this is why Heaven is your heart. We are sacred to God, when we are in Heaven. Sacred is our path to God, with a lighted way from the heavens, above. Stars shows you the way of the light of Heaven and God lights up the starry night sky, above, as he illuminates your heart about ascension. The daytime sky is our heavenly abode, to see our way forward, on our pathway to love and our path is trespassed by an angel. We fly like the angels as our heart ascends. Heaven resides in the heart so God knows where to take you, when you are in love. The gods take you to your sacred garden, to place you there, in Heaven, and you sit in the garden of love, among the angels, where you notice the seven colours of ascension. Angels are love in your garden and this is why they are seven. Seven is taken to the seven points of the body where we feel God's sacred love. I am blessed, for I am sacred to God, in his garden of love.

In the heart of others you are blessed for God. They can only see your true colours if they are blessed by God. True is the colour of love. We have seven angels in Heaven for we are blessed and plant seven trees in your garden. The seven trees grow into seven species and then we are blessed. Seven birds in your garden, means seven reasons for seven different angels, for God. All birds are angels of God, as they frequent the sky and fly around in your garden. Trees, God blesses, as the angels of the sky frequent them. Angels are blessed in the sky as they fly like birds in the trees, blessed by God. Flying is something our Spirit needs to do, but, do not ask God, as it is not time for the last door, yet. Heaven knows flight.

Death knows more. Heaven knows the rest. The thoroughfare of angels between our earthly domain and heaven must be like a highway for the Spirit. However, when we think of dying and where we are going to go, we only think of Spirit, where nobody is there to join us. We almost become the atmosphere and the clouds, full of angels. Pure Spirit is like we evaporate with the wind and fly off with the passing clouds, to Heaven. Seven is the only number known to God. 

When we reach our seventh Heaven, we are in Heaven. We are often interpreted through beasts of knowing, as though we have seven heads, only seven realms of understanding, God. Seven sensations, do we transpire, for God and we smell God in beautiful flowers, for we are the Earth of God. We taste God in the Earth, for we delight of the fruits of nature. We feel God in our heart for our Spirit tells us to enjoy the Sun. Earth has our senses and we hear God coming. The sight of God is to behold and we are thought for we are mindful of the Earth. When we are thought, we are only thinking of God. God touched my heart.


Friday, August 7, 2015

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Nicole Page-Smith


Our heart knows Seven colours and they are radiated from Heaven by God, so, God can see his love working by an angel. The angel of love has an angel of love reflected in your heart and the more you love, the more God can see your angels of love in Heaven. Angels walk around amongst us. We carry our angel of love around with our view of Heaven. Angels sleep amongst us. Angels fly to Heaven each day at sunrise on a mission for God. God has to be informed of people, who need more love and an angel take them to your side. At sunset you are blessed by the sky for the view of another day and God bless the angel of love. Ascension colours are to remind you of Heaven, so, we get there. God bless the heavenly angels. Colours are to remind you of love, so, you feel God in your heart. Flowers are to remind you of a bright sunny day and the love of others. Angels like flowers in Heaven, too, as there love is reflected. Our Divine reflection takes us to an angel and here angels see you reflected in Heaven. You see angels when you see Heaven and God takes your heart there, when you are ready, Seven colours, do we see, and this is our ascension.

Our ascension is coloured for God. So, why does God see in colour in Heaven? This would be black and white for God. Where is Heaven for God? If, God is everyone and everything, is Heaven, everywhere and everyone or do we achieve lightness? Is love a heavy load for the heart? Our heart can take us to Heaven, when we find Heaven or a duality of love that sends an angel to your heart. We are supposed to find ascension in our hearts, so, what profoundly deep, situation, could ever take us to the seven colours? Heaven. Do we have a memory of Heaven, from when we are born and need a replacement or top up from God? When our angel flies down from Heaven to give us love and remind us we are living, when we first arrive, do we also have a little piece of Heaven, placed there, in our hearts, as a memory to attain to? This must be our reflection.

Our reflection on the landscape takes us to the Divine reflection in our hearts. The stars show us this with a heavenly view and continue to tell us this in Heaven on our way down to Earth. Where Heaven meets Earth is a Divine place. Heaven tells you this in the stars. When we see starlight in Heaven we are blessed in Bethlehem. When we see Heaven, in another heavenly abode, we are blessed in Heaven for the seventh time. There are seven places like seven sacred stones on the crown of Christ, somewhere, close to your heart. Call the seventh place your home. At night, when we view the starry sky, above, this will be your guide. During the day, the landscape tells you of the light, the pathway is to God, your starlit path. Our euphoria is in the landscape, where you live, and birds inform your heart. Here, wings of Heaven, brush your cheek, as the birds sing to you, of a new coming day. God, also, places the birds, in the treetops, at night, and this is your Spiritual guide to Heaven and trees guide your Spirit.

The angels speak of the colour of the birds and communicate your Spirit to God that way. Angels sit on the trees and are the trees for God as they reflect his song and sing among nature. Angels speak of the light for God and also fly to God like birds among the stars. Angels fly as they speak of the Spirit as birds speak of God and sing his song in their tune. Angels speak of the light all around us and are reflected everywhere in nature like a church window. Inside a church, you will view the sky through stained glass and this is the light of God. The light on your face speaks to the angels about the love in your heart. The language of the angels is written in the stars and trees tell you this about the birds. Nature speaks of God and that is why we see the stars and the night sky tells you. Angels speak of love and that is why there are eyes of nature in the trees, they look at you as the birds pass you by. The Sun breaks through the clouds and the glory of all the angels of Heaven is spoken. God love the Heaven in your heart, where the angel has spoken.

God takes you to Heaven seven times for God. First, it is your feet because you are born, secondly, you crawl below the space on the Cross, thirdly, you are endowed, with a forth equation, for the Cross, where you are Christ, the most, the fifth place in your heart, is for Jesus, as is your love for God, the sixth time you love the Father, you are in Heaven, as God sent an angel, to Christ and then, you are of the Cross. Christ, died, on the Cross, for the seventh angel of Heaven. God say a prayer for your angel, and where you travel for God is your seventh angel. May your Spirit fly unto him. For the love of Christ, your Spirit becomes one with God. The love that is death is the Crucifixion. Let your heart die on unto him. The light of God resides in your heart, and let the Spirit fly on unto him. We only see true ascension, when we have gone to God, and let him take you to Heaven. Love is true ascension.


Saturday, August 1, 2015

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Nicole Page-Smith


The angel of love fly on unto me, Christ said my name. Christ, be my bride, as Jesus was my name in Heaven. God, fly on with me, as the Holy Spirit is in vain. The Holy Spirit fly on up to me as Heaven is my name. Fly, fly, Spirit, unto God. The ground is my home and the Earth holds my name. Fly and fly, Spirit, with the wind, as the birds hold your name in the treetops. Fly, fly, angel, with the wind, as God, holds your name. Fly, fly on angel, as love holds your name. Fly, fly to me Spirit, as the Earth is my name, the Earth is my home for the Spirit of an angel. The angel lives next door to your name. Angels live in Heaven, as Christ, said so. My name is in Heaven as an angel took it there, Christ told me why as I told him so. I am an angel for Christ.

Christ was crucified for the Sin of the people in Seven ways to Christ and that is why the seventh angel took him to Heaven. Seven angels looked down upon him, on the angel of love, Jesus Christ. He had a heart of an angel. God took him to a sacred place in Heaven to be watched over by angels. There is a sacred place in Heaven, just reserved for angels. Christ's angel lives there and echoes our heart in Heaven. There is a sacred grove with a sacred passageway to love and Heaven reflects our heart, sacred is the way to love. Our angel finds a place in Heaven and quite often this is a place sacred to our heart, and there is Heaven on Earth for some people. Your passageway is your sacred grove and your heart shows you the way, God hold my hand. Seven colours are the angels in our heart and these reflect our passageway. So, when you are walking along and you notice some beautiful colours of ascension, ask God if this equals love. The angels fly on to God. When you are walking through nature and there are Spring flowers all around you, ask God if this is what he meant by the ascension of an angel or is this love? Love is the ascension of an angel.

Angels ascend themselves for love. Colour reflects the clouds in Heaven and the seven colours of the angel reflect God. Wings travel upwards like birds in a tree and we find love that way, in a tree. The ascension colours of birds reflect the Sun and the Sun reflects the clouds. In the clouds, we see the translucent colours of love reflected in the angel's wings. God reflects the rain, the Sun and the wind, and we fly on to the sky on a bird's wing. Birds reflect God in the sky, as they equal his love, angels transpire. When we feel the love of an angel, we are blessed. Our colour is white in the clouds and this reflects God, we rise up further for God and fly with his angel. Trees touch the sky with their leaves, and this is why "we are blessed by the birds", and, God loves the trees in your garden of love. The garden of love holds our heart as the birds reflect your angel. Birds of the tree reflect God and that is why they tell you he is in love with their song. The birds call his name and seven songs they have for Jesus and his angel is their love. Birds fly out of your heart when you are blessed. God send an angel.

An angel was sent to Christ for love and God send an angel to my side. What is the deconstruction of love? The Seven eyes of God, the Seven eyes of man or the Seven eyes of Sin? To be or being human? What is being, then, to be a human being? There are Seven ways of being a human being or Seven angels, so, what does our seventh angel say? I am blessed. Then, Christ came along, blessed by an angel and we had to address all Seven sides of ourselves because God thought we had Sinned, being, and being a human being. So, what had we done wrong, do you imagine? Sin? Not addressed our selves? Not been our self? What are all those biblical stories about that through the ages have been so contextual and contextualized, for translation? What do the biblical stories rally up? Mainly, the big love question or God. What is the big love question? The human being and what it is to be. So, why does it take us Seven ways to get it all so horribly wrong? Christ was blessing the sea, walking on water, creating a feast, changing water to wine, being blessed by St. John the Baptist, healing the blind, the sick, and the lame and then, was Crucified for our Sin.  

Christ, was Divine, and Seven times was he blessed, by the sea, the waves came to shore and our Sin was annulled. Our Sin was Divine and at shore. We were blessed by the water and by wine. We were blessed by the bread and by feast. We were blessed by God Seven times. We were blessed by the angel for Christ, for Seven colours, he had. Divine is the colour, of the Lord, Jesus Christ. He is the Christ, who did rise, for our Sin. Divine is his colour of ascension. Divine is the colour of the Lord. In Heaven we are Divine angels for Christ. Christ is our angel in Heaven. Amen, for the blessing of Christ. The stars look down upon you and this is why, you, are blessed, by the stars, for they tell you, of Heaven. Stars in Heaven, is where we go to find God. The reflection is Heaven. On Earth, we are reflected in Heaven and that is why we see our Divine pathway. The stars are all for our blessing and that is why Christ was put here, on Earth, to be blessed by God. The landscape is blessed and that is why nature tells you of the stars, the night sky is blessed and that is why we are here, on Earth, to be blessed. During the day, love takes you to Christ, in the landscape, where he was blessed and there we see our pathway. Love is our pathway for the blessed. So, God bless us Seven times for Christ.