Wednesday, July 1, 2015

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Nicole Page-Smith


The Holy Spirit takes us to the Lord, the all-important baptizer of life. We are in the Christian way when we think of God. God took us to the Holy Spirit and we said: "God Bless". The Holy Spirit is the way of the Lord, Jesus Christ. We are told to pray to God to find our inner voice, our inner Spirit and our One, one time we find the Lord, when we pray. In prayer, we find God, the Lord above. Seven eyes are upon us in prayer and we said: "One". The world order of God is the common prayer. Our four feet are upon us. When we think of God in prayer, we think of the Lamb of God and his ten crowns with the seventh eye of God. Ten times he said: "He" and "He" is the word of God. Our seventh eye is upon us when we are in Heaven. Four is for the baptizing. We interpret this at will. God be thy Father in Heaven. Seven angels sing. Seven stars equal the Lord under five denominations of Christ, the Lord above take us to Heaven. In Heaven we see the Seven Eyes of God, under a four footed beast. This is the Giver of Life.