Monday, July 13, 2015

page 14

Nicole Page-Smith


When angels love you they are golden. They see you with the eyes of ascension and the clouds float on by our name. A golden ray of sunshine after rain appears to bless the clouds on the horizon, we see the Lord seven times there and seven times we are blessed by God. Here he holds our hand and brushes our cheek with an angel's wing for ascension, the ascension is golden and here God loves you to be told about Heaven. Love Christ to love you ascending your angel before you were born. The angels of love are there beside God in "Heaven" he has seven angels for his eyes for they look down upon us in Heaven. God love us in Heaven for our angel's, we have to fly to love and God soar us up to Heaven to be blessed. We love God, there, in Heaven to love us, too. Golden are our eyes for God when "we are blessed by his angels" for they see God through their eyes. Golden is our love for God.