Saturday, July 4, 2015

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Nicole Page-Smith


When we are referring to the seven churches of Asia, we are speaking about the seven houses of the Lord. Christ walked under the seven stars of the Lord and these were his messengers, said the angel of Christ. We all carry our angel around as we carry the Lord in our heart. The seven angels of the Lord do refer to Christ. He carried a Halo and this is referred to as the seven stars of the Halo above Christ. Often in the Western Church, altar paintings depict the Saints in the same way, with a ring of stars governing a Halo. To interpret the bible, we would have to think about the time of writing. History changes, of the ruling empire of the day, would have a major impact on the political overview. The language of the day and how religion was versed would be how the bible was to be understood. Current thinking would still be understood with seven ways unto one. We are the Lord, Jesus Christ. We still have the same Christian message, as with the early writing of the Christian bible, but it is to be interpreted differently, through our Spirit, give it eyes to give it breath.