Monday, September 30, 2013

Page 113

Guido Mazzoni, The Lamentation over the Dead Christ, 
c. 1492, Chiesa di Sant'Anna dei Lombardi, Napoli

Adam and Eve were born from each other under a star. Eve was born from Adam. Her being came out of his leg, a different form of birth. Budding is the same. Something like propagating roses. Threads of silk are also extracted this way to allow the silk worm to change into a butterfly. There ascension to earth was via God and allowed them to find Hell. Another equation was necessary as the garden of earthly delights could only give them Heaven. Sometimes without an equation there is no true seeing of an experience. The tree of knowledge was somewhere to be experienced in the heart of man and does not have to be revealed. To find God one has to be aware of evil. However, this does not mean you have to be evil. Often people are tempted or tested by God but God knows we are only human and here to learn, even the most heavenly people make mistakes or those closest to God. God is there for the human race to make an equation about themselves and allow this knowledge to be useful and ascended to the Heavens.

Guido Mazzoni, Maddalena, 
c. 1476-1477, detail of the Lamentation, 
Chiesa di Santa Maria degli Angeli, Busseto


Sunday, September 29, 2013

Page 112

Guido Mazzoni, Adoration of the Child, c. 1485-1489

Si non rogas intelligo. ("If you don't ask me, I understand." St. Augustine) The progression of thinking from birth to death feels like somewhere that is not often contemplated, maybe with some people through a lack of memory. Often memory fuels a particular changed moment almost when you finally realize something or premise God enlightens your being with a golden ascension few people obtain. Our unconscious memory, through dreaming, also feels us clinging to a way of seeing that is reversed and questioned and then thrown back at us. This development creates a progression in consciousness that enables you to then question time and its ability to change us. Often time is reversed in dreams or feels equated in the reverse order to conscious thinking. When people try to regain a memory of their dreaming life it takes a different state of consciousness. Drawing from a very different place in your psyche and one wonders why patterns of consciousness emerge from this state. What is absorbed consciously is to be reflected in the unconscious or vice versa and creates inner refractions that take you to a language that few tend to trespass. This unconscious language feels like a communication with the self that is beyond all time, from an eternity that God holds in our hearts. When you try to investigate this, you get to a point where the relationship between the language we learn and the language already there in our hearts are two distinct separate things so, therefore, this new language or only language of the self, emerges.

Guido Mazzoni


Saturday, September 28, 2013

Page 111

St. Francis Kneeling before Christ on the Cross,
c. 1437-1444

So, time immemorial would equal eternity or God. And a progression of thoughts would equal our existence. We exist for God to allow us to travel freely through time and then to evaluate the experience. You can also evaluate the past to reach the present or the future. There are some of us who think beyond grace or the gracing of God with an activity and then there are those who do not possess the knowledge nor acquire it through learning or are even able to process the thinking of anything complex. We are all here for a purpose, even though this is often shrouded in mystery and can take you your whole lifetime to understand what the purpose is. Time is often equated differently with different individuals. When there is a progression of thinking, time exists and when we regress to another state or even stay the same, time appears to stand still. The journey it takes to transgress to the thinking necessary to progress is not something that is easily obtained and requires a vigorous amount of time and mental strength.

Sassetta (detail)

Friday, September 27, 2013

Page 110

Willem de Pannemaker

So, God feels like an equation for an infinite understanding of eternal time, set amongst the present and the now to be re-evealuating the hours of the day with the days of the week and the years to come with all that is past. It is hard to stretch our brain back to where time may have begun and then forwards to the end of time. We are here for the cycle of our lives so, this in itself gives us an equation of time with a beginning and an end, as the life of any living thing is equated. However, to even drift our thinking to the incomprehensible or as far as you could possibly imagine time to exist before you hit the unconscious infinity or the stardust of the unconscious is perhaps scary for some people but for other people would equal the heavens or God. This you feel when God wants your thoughts to travel to him, he will protect you from venturing too far so as to remain conscious of him and time immemorial. The concept of the eternal feels as though we loop the past to the present as if it joins back up in a circle connecting the past to the future by a golden thread.

Federico Barocci

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Page 109

Hans Memling, Christ at the Column, c. 1485-1490

Our thoughts are with those of us who cannot get to God. God exists in all human hearts no matter how evil they are. Someone needs to know what goes horribly awry. There are those who extend their welcome with God. And then those who God praises. Some people who are participating in the work God wants them to, do suffer from evil people who cannot understand why they too do not want to participate in their evil doings. The sacred people do not understand why you would want to be evil. You would have to be fairly below average intelligence to think an evil pathway would be the way forwards, however God would not want them anywhere near his divine work as all they would do is be a nuisance to God. Why dance for Satan? When the only reward is an evil pathway, premise Satan deliberately could ask for their souls, if they have them. The rest would not be worth having in Gods divine house. They must be human but God would see them as fiends.

Hans Memling, 
Triptych of Earthly Vanity and Divine Salvation, 
c. 1485, Musee des Beaux-Arts de Strasbourg

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Page 108

Antonello da Messina, St. Jerome in His Study, 
c. 1474, The National Gallery, London

Of course, the elemental body does experience all the things we know as life but exists somewhere in the vacuum of our thinking. We feel thirst and ascension to God by eating and drinking, so we eat and drink some more. And also there is the feeling that our bodies are nourishing God with our thinking, eating, feeling and living amongst the flock. There has to be something inside our hearts to make us communicate with each other. Premise the light one sometimes gets to with love, almost like your whole being is set ablaze with starlight and we are floating somewhere around the stratosphere. We feel this light usually somewhere deep inside our bodies and there feels like little else needs to have a purpose almost like a force beyond our knowing is in control. This we know as God but also has to do with how we are perceived by God and where we are going to be ascended to. There are few who seem to comprehend the equations God wants us to be and premise our understanding. Then we feel like God does only what is necessary to keep our thoughts pertaining to our purpose.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Page 107

Albrecht Durer

So, matter seems to transgress and transform into its former substance or become elemental. We wonder if the substance we become after death is just pure substance or disintegrates into the natural organic components of being so mainly after our form has disappeared, we just become air and water and then evaporate into the clouds to transgress to God. We also become the dark matter akin to stardust and float off to our chosen domain. You feel we were from a memory of something past and accumulated or particles gathered together from the vacuum of space in the universe to create our first elemental being and for some reason you feel we are still there or that we are light years behind ourselves so have long since distinguished.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Page 106

Jacopo Pontormo, Madonna and Child with St. Joseph 
and St. John the Baptist, c. 1521-1527, Hermitage Museum

The Earth is spinning on an axis and journeys for an evolution around the Sun, once a year and the moon journeys around the earth, yearly too. This we would feel in our hearts even if we were blind and could not see light or the Sun, we would feel Earth through a different kind of warmth. Human warmth or love would be one kind, the warmth of a heater or radiator another, I am imagining here that they would also feel some kind of light or presence and have a more advanced sense of smell. So, other than being blind there are also other forces at play that we cannot see and would not be illuminating if we could. These God would protect us from, until we were ready to accept our fate. You would not imagine that a human form was particularly necessary, not that we feel like a science experiment for God. It would be predestined what the fate of Earth was, we are after all the macrocosm of a microcosm or every single cell nominates who and what we are. We probably are just particles circumnavigating a radius or like the Earth navigating the Sun on an axis but have no conscious memory of this, something like a dream. So, dying would almost be akin to dreaming or never waking up. Not dreaming, waking.

Jacopo Pontormo, Supper at Emmaus,
 c. 1525, Uffizi Gallery, Florence

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Page 105

Jacopo Pontormo

The space between two bodies would be an infinite one or where God exists in our every breath. God in his infinite variety can also equal the space between or the feeling of love. This can also be a kind of happiness on earth or the feeling of a warmth. You feel like there is a Heaven between us like stardust and continuing light rays. The Heaven on Earth seems to fill the void or the vacuum, the spaces between. God seems there for us at the tips of our fingers or if you stretch out your hand you may feel him, everywhere and everything so, also in our hearts or the core of our beings. Sometimes you wonder whether there is more space in the interior of our consciousness or out there in the infinite spaces of the universe. One wonders.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Page 104

Jacopo Pontormo

When the black hole of your brains seems to travel to another dimension you feel the earth sitting on an elephants back is something imaginable rather than a fallacy. So, then the elephant sitting on a tortoise would also be tenantable or Lord Ganesha on a mouse. There would be divine weight but like God, you would not feel an earthy weight. Even though God would be up in the sky somewhere. There are those of us who tenant divine needs and those of us who do not. You would imagine that God needs helping for the equation of a human deed. Some people are hell people or seem of another substance. One wonders sometimes why there are people so evil that not a single pleasant thought ever passes through their hearts. Why do they have to exist in Gods divine domain, too or at least on Earth? Maybe the Heaven and hell we know in our hearts have to exist side by side so, we can take our consciousness to God or God can divinely enlighten us when we do not see him clearly. The substance of our hearts appears to be given to us via God and then other factors such as when we were born and to what circumstance have some input as well. Life should take us towards an ascension to God or love but not always do we get there. Love should be a natural transgression or ascendancy that can travel along your veins to the heart like a bee to the flower. The bee covers himself in the pollen or has a nice big drink and then takes this to the hive to make the honey, golden ambrosia or nectar of the gods. Love should equal the same.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Page 103

Jan Gossaert (Mabuse), The Adoration of the Kings, 
c. 1510-1515, The National Gallery, London

God is where we see beauty in the world and where we see the past, to make an evaluation on the future. There are many different guises God takes, sometimes tricking us into believing this as our hearts don't take us there. There is love in a tree if you look closely enough or in plant life in general. Love equals the white spirits or the birds and would also equal their song. Black spirits also carry a divine love to the sacred for a more amazing ascension to God. When you go up the snow capped mountains you see the refraction of the stars. Usually this is an ascension through the last door, to travel to stardust and to God. The stars seem to twinkle in the cloudless, moonlit sky above. This is God.

Hugo van der Goes, 
The Adoration of the Kings (Monforte Altar), 
c. 1470, Gemaldegalerie

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Page 102

Hugo van der Goes

The infinite experience of God is something mainly incomprehensible to the majority of people. You feel like God educates you gently to the experience of God in your heart. This can happen via a bright day or clouds highlighting mists and fogs to produce white light. This can also happen in a walk through a rain forest or through an art museum. Often the greatest works of art ascend us to a higher sphere. People can ascend you there directly, too, with the warmth of their love or a communication of the heart beyond words.