Thursday, July 16, 2015

page 17

Nicole Page-Smith


With seven colours in our heart we are in love with God and God tells us in plain terms of black and white. At the end of the spectrum we find black as all colours combined equal this number, white is at the beginning or the other order. So, if we think about sitting in front of a blank piece of paper before we start an artwork, we start with the plain colour of white and if we swirled all the seven colours together on the page we would get a fairly messy black colour, all colours of the rainbow equal black. This would beg the question: what is at the end of the rainbow? We are always looking in the wrong places for the pot of gold and we always have the Divine reflection in Heaven. Seven eyes are our reflection as with our seven natures, our seven vices and our seven virtues equal one God but when we take our seven ways to God, seven stages as with seven emotions cannot be taken to Sin. The Seven deadly Sins give us hope as we see our inner reflection.