Monday, April 26, 2021

The eyes of god

Nicole Page-Smith, photographs and writing

The eyes of god

One god sees you with one eye. We are, we are one, we are one with god and the one eye that sees you is the spirit. The spirit of the Lord is the one eye of god and our eyes we see with. We look to see with the spirit's eye. The spirit observes.

One god has the eyes to see with the spirit and we call him god.  Eyes that see are the spirit. Eyes, God and the spirit are one. Your spirit looks and you see. You look out with your spirit at all the spirit is enlightened by, the leaves and trees, flowers and rain. The rain enlightens the spirit as rain falls on the roof making you feel safe, inside. The flowers in the garden have the spirit look adoringly and trees go upwards towards the sky like birds to the realms of god and the heavens. Air is like the spirit as the trees blow about in the wind. Flowers tend to smile at you looking up at you as they merrily, bob, about.

The eyes see and god is all of nature reflecting our spirit. We are god in spirit but see with eyes. Flowers become us. Trees communicate to god and the animals and we hear the trees blowing in the wind. Our spirit is like wind.