Saturday, August 31, 2013

Page 83

Guido Reni, Death of Cleopatra, 
c. 1595-1598, 
Sanssouci Picture Gallery

So, this would be our pathway to Gods divine house and we would not want anyone to go there other than someone chosen by God. Those of us not welcome by God have a place also but a very limited one, their last on earth before Satan gives them the final kick out via the backdoor. There are some people who understand God and some who do not. Sometimes there are people who want you to find Gods divine love and some who don't. I cannot understand why there are some people who would not want to find God and some that do. Why are some people so anti God? Why such a dark room? It doesn't make sense. So, God is something sacred but obviously few people have the eyes to see or to feel him. I will never understand why anyone on earth would want to hurt someone else. We are often notified by God if extreme circumstances arise where you alone, as a human, cannot tolerate how you are being treated. God has to step in and help you make the right equation otherwise you may never understand Gods divine message. Divine beings sent to earth by God are here to work for God alone to help understand the human heart and its generation. The golden cupbearer is chosen by the angels on high. No person is invalid to God but God has to know why angels are needed, we should all reach this level and as a race really be there already. The place for divine worship should equal the temple of the heart. When are humans going to start loving each other rather than the opposite. Love wins supreme for God and to ascend your knowledge to heaven requires a deep understanding that needs hard work and diligence.

Guido Reni, Cleopatra with the Asp, 
c. 1630, 
Royal Collection, Windsor Castle

Friday, August 30, 2013

Page 82

Guido Reni

To take the soul to Heaven, we need a divine understanding of the Lord Jesus Christ and his ascension to God through the Holy Spirit. In some people this divine spirit would equal the wings beating of a dove and for others it would be through blood, the blood of Christ. Some people would find Gods divine understanding in the garden, a flower, a tree or a golden vision of the lamb. Sometimes the stag or deer also speak of Christ in the garden. One imagines a garden full of Gods divine angels, all white with golden edges and the colour of the rainbow equalling Gods love in your heart. Emeralds and rubies would be encrusted in the ground to take you via an ascension to the highest sphere. No one would notice the pathway to the sphere and the person who loved you most on earth would lead you by the hand. The angels would be singing a golden ascension song and God would welcome you to his golden domain. There you would join in eternal love your heart to God.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Page 81

Raphael, Madonna Sistine, 
Gemaldegalerie Alte Meister, 
c. 1513-1514

To this day God has wanted the human race to behave like civil humans not fiends. It does not take that much to work out what is necessary when you could easily just do the right thing here instead of being evil. Going through to the third level of hell is only for extremely evil people to try and give them a warning not to be this evil. This would not be the case for non-evil people. Just like the useful ideas of gorgeous divinely inspired people who believe in God are from some domain in Heaven. But they see Heaven where evil people see Hades. Heaven exists on earth and all the way down to the last deep pool of darkness, something akin to the sound made by the Tui bird. The native New Zealand bird was annotated by the French composer Messiaen, who came to New Zealand on a tour to record more native birdcalls. His music talks about a divine understanding or beatific vision. Especially his Puer Natus Est.


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Page 80

Domenico Veneziano, Madonna Child, c. 1435-1437, Villa i Tatti

So, the love of God is something few people respond to, although he is there for everyone to observe. There are few who seem to feel his love and even fewer who care to use this to be gorgeous divine beings. Fiends are not welcome in Gods domain but God has to know who the evil doers are to celebrate the good or to make an equation as to who is responsible for the love and who you will find in the garden. So, these people who cannot find God in their hearts are not welcome in the Heaven on high. The garden is full of scented flowers and would not be something for those who would trample the rose bushes rather than be in an ascension service as a glory to God. The scent of divine beings smells like tea tree roses and the scent of fiends would not be perfumed. The evil people on earth would be something of a mystery to God as why would you be evil with all of Gods divine rewards. The Heaven God wants you to feel is available on earth as well as being in its rightful place up in Heaven, in the sky for some people and the sea for others. Even though this is difficult for my understanding, the sea is for redeeming the sinners via the Leviathan serpent. I imagine most would find this different to a European understanding as you would be cleansed via a different means for example, taking you down to the bottom of a cleansing pool and plunging you through a rock. Others would find a cleansing through blood even spiritually or in a ritualistic manner. Others still would find an Aladdin's cave next to an entrance being guarded by Neptune, even though some people would see this place as Heaven or the Pearly Gates, the evil would be taken to the same place to be redeemed for a second chance to cleanse their evil. I imagine those with limited capacity to make judgements and think things through fall short of the needed equations to God. Not all of us have the capacity to think or make the equations necessary for Gods divine house but when given simple proposals some can get to a small proportion of the ascension but not to its completion. Our ideas are something given to us by God to try to work with, not all are something everyone wants or needs at any particular time but one can live in divine hope that at sometime someone will realize what could have been and what is right for God. Others do have the brains that are needed for a larger capacity of philosophy but because of their trajectory nature of ascendency not always do they reach their target. Often God steps in to try and give another evaluation to take them further towards Heaven or takes them to Heaven firstly so they can find their way. We are only human and even Gods best divine instruction plan can be misinterpreted or misunderstood. We pray for divine intervention sometimes or for a future divine understanding when God feels we are ready, however, there is only one way even though different paths are taken and different evaluations need to be met. 


Domenico Veneziano, 
Santa Lucia de' Magnoli Altarpiece, 
c. 1445-1447, 
Uffizi Gallery, 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Page 79

Fra Angelico, 
Madonna with Child Surrounded by Angels and Saints, 
c. 1427, Pinacoteca Vaticana, Vatican City

Those who find love in their hearts are blessed with Gods divine love but those who cannot are probably not responding. One wonders why some people can love God so deeply they find themselves buried in the darkness and others although dark in spirit cannot find the right domain or special connection to the light of God. We are all given a heart but few tend to use this wisely and those blessed with earthly love find this under a rosebush. Just as we find the harbour full of fishes we find the love of God in an apple tree or the bees for the blossom. The garden of love is where God will take us.

Fra Angelico, The Coronation of the Virgin, 
c. 1434-1435, 
Uffizi Gallery, Florence

Monday, August 26, 2013

Page 78

Antonio Rossellino

Symbols and stars would be the first symbols we equate with God. There would be a different equation for God with every different symbol we first came across before naming day. There would be no point for any person who does not see God in the stars in heaven to think about God. These symbols are for divine beings on earth to make their own equation with Gods divine house. These symbols would equal something different for every individual on earth and the solar system would be viewed differently from every angle of the planets surface. Whiteness would be something of a different equation to those in different positions according to the solar system. Those born under the star closest to God would see seraphim as the whiteness that surrounds God and those born under other stars may not see God at all. For those with a different idea of what whiteness could mean, they may see the white of a birds back or the milky whiteness of Carrara marble. White light you would imagine permeates out of divine spirits or Gods divine angels and some would be black. Heaven can be seen from earth on a starry night, especially with moonlight. Some people would just see the reflection on water or the streams glistening with a sparkling light and others would see other surfaces reflecting the light. Heaven through the last door would only be accessible to those ancient souls who have the right equation for God.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Page 77

Angelo Bronzino, The Holy Family, c. 1540, 
Uffizi Gallery, Florence

Brutes are beasts for God and when animals are nasty among themselves all you have is a very unpleasant situation that is usually sorted out. Humans on the other hand seem to like persecuting one another when all they should be doing is being sacred, divine attendants to God. Divinity is not something that every human aspires to nor would God be interested in hateful people in Heaven. Those given a beautiful chance to see heaven on earth are blessed by divine actions and those of us needing to find God should always look for him in the most sacred place they know.

Angelo Bronzino, An Allegory with Venus and Cupid, 
c. 1545, The National Gallery, London

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Page 76

John Everett Millais, Ophelia, 1851-1852, 
Tate Britain, London

The tip should be to be gorgeous rather than hate every breath that has been uttered. There should be massive equations for love. A tree should equal God and love as well as the field mice and the water in the stream, especially the gorgeous sounds rushing water makes. Something like Ophelia by John Everett Millais. There should be as much love in walking along the waters edge as there is in walking along a stream. When you are out in a forest, there should be the sounds of all the small creatures who live there as well as the rustle of the leaves and the wind through pine trees. There should also be love with the sight of birds, especially the golden birds in Christs golden domain. So, the boughs of God's golden trees should be covered in flocks of divine angels or seraphim close to God. And in Gods divine garden only those should dwell with a heart as pure as any golden angels. The birds God put here on earth are for our ascension to him via an angel wing and via stardust. Do we exist at all dear God or are we just a vague memory in cosmic stardust, is this earth our home or have we forgotten the way. Can we really be here or are we light years away from knowing our fate via God. Sometimes it feels like the earth stopped being here several million stardust years ago and we are just light in memory of ourselves.

Guido Reni, Atalanta and Hippomenes, c. 1618-1619

Friday, August 23, 2013

Page 75

Guido Reni

So, I suppose it is the nature of the beast to want love, however, some people only seem to find hate and the fangs of some wild animal. Love should win supreme for mankind rather than brutes and beasts calling themselves human, when they tend to be another species, something not in Gods domain. One wonders why some people seem to fall down to Hades so quickly when they should be concentrating on the divine love of God to at least stand them upright. Surely it takes a lot more effort to be evil than not evil, so, why would you not want to pursue your dreams and concentrate on what God has provided you with. The love we all share in common in our hearts can obviously not always be reached by everyone, this must cause hell for God. Too many people do not want to find the message they were given at birth or to dig deep into their hearts to find the gold. Why people do tend to not want love is because they allow there own poison to take over anything at all that could be of the right substance in there hearts, not that all hearts seem to be blessed with pure love.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Page 74

Guido Reni

Please dear God do not let evil people do anything so that the gorgeous people can win supreme. So, in comparison to what could be there is some disassociation between the gorgeous people and those of a lesser degree. There are those of us who can be of use to God and those who are just a hindrance. Of those who can be of use to God they do participate in divine activities and the rest seem to struggle. One cannot understand how a fellow human being could be this redundant. Where is God for the people who cannot experience our divine Lord? Surely God can be found by anyone on earth, it is a mater of looking to see where he could be hiding. Those in favour of God reap his rewards and those who claim he does not exist, do not exist for God either.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Page 73

Guido Reni

So, mostly people tend to try to find an apple tree of knowledge without knowing whether they are communicating with God or simply communicating with nature, one being synonymous with the other. Heaven in the heart is to be found through profound investigation of thought with the thinking capacity where there are fruits of knowledge accessible through contemplation of God and the divine life of Christ. The Holy Spirit making this access available through the spirit of man to God and the dove of knowledge soaring to the heights only obtainable to those with something of a gift and the gracing of God to reach the Heaven available with Gods divine fruit. Why can't an apple equal God or a thought and when contemplating the heart or love, should there not be a journey through the soul to a divine garden or place of divinity? The journey of the heart to God should be one of the most joyous experiences known to man.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Page 72

Guido Reni

So, there are some people who are born as a gorgeous offering to God and then there are people who seem hell bent on destroying them and then there are those who should really make an effort to reduce evil when it presents itself. So, God is not some breath like the wind in the trees that just disperses but something that ephemeral bodied creatures have no access to. Only those divine enough to go to Heaven do get there. And those who do hang around the place as sepulchres are those sadly in limbo. One does not obtain the lack of body and as a spirit without having failed God. One can find God in most things on earth or find nothing, take your pick.


Monday, August 19, 2013

Page 71

Donatello, Amore-Atys, c. 1440-1443, 
Museo Nazionale del Bargello, Florence

The feathery wings of angels are something few people seem to come across. Even the thought of them takes you closer to happiness and Heaven. God gives the ascendency of angel wings like small birds fluttering their wings in your heart to those who most see his domain on earth. Sculpting is a pastime closer to what is necessary than the philosophy of being but one needs the addition of empathy and your own philosophy of love to take you there. God give me wings to fly like an angel to happiness. The Renaissance of thinking seemed to occur as artists, philosophers, writers, astronomers, geometers, cosmologists, star gazing scientists and theanthropists communicated their own equation with God. There have been several times on the planet when divine thinking seemed to take the forefront over anything else or perhaps everything else that was associated with this time has become negligent next to the philosophic principles that were attained to.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Page 70

Andrea Mantegna, St. Sebastian, 
c. 1456-1459, 
Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna

So, when you are this close to God one does not need to especially achieve anything other than the last equation of Christ. Hell is not somewhere for gorgeous divine angels to frequent. However, only those bloodlines who cannot find anything sacred in their hearts would be exposed to Hades and sacred people even though sometimes they would journey down there would be looking for a different road to God. This isn't anywhere where you would be taken to empty the rubbish from your heart even if you were sacred. The abyss is not for suckers and those who are not sacred would not have one to thrash around in. Most would not want anyone anywhere near there abyss or even have anyone know of the existence of one but would definitely have to traverse their own abyss to make an effort to be sacred. Traversing your own abyss is a very unusual pastime but one you would feel most sacred people would have to carry through to make an acquaintance. Especially with the house of God or anyone with a sacred purpose for their lives.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Page 69

Benedetto da Maiano, Madonna and Child, c. 1475,
Samuel H. Kress Collection, National Gallery of Art,
Washington, DC

Original thinkers are something rare these days but were probably always pushing ideas forwards that have not been got to. Challenging perceived notions of worship to God is something that has caused a great deal of pain through battle and should not be necessary where dialogue could reach a more peaceful result to the same ideas. It should not be a curse to think or be intelligent and should be taken seriously when needed. Love is a notion of feeling in your heart supplied to you via the golden light of Christ to ascend those angelic principles attained on earth to the greater glory of God. We are given a chance to heal our wounds and work for ourselves or upon the self to obtain the Heaven and joy that should be on earth as well as through the last door to join the Heaven on High. One feels with some people the angels are singing when they joined the earth or were born, especially with Settignano and Donatello.

Niccolo dell'Arca, Lamentation, c. 1485, 
S. Maria della Vita, Bologna

Friday, August 16, 2013

Page 68

Andrea del Verrocchio

Long ago there used to be compassion for your fellow man but in the time of tomorrow it appears only evil people rein rather than the conscious decision to eliminate true evil from the earth. What happened? Why hasn't there been a Renaissance of God. Or another Italian Renaissance experience. I wonder when the next major sculpting experience will take place. Perhaps, thee hundred years from now when there is another congregation of divine workers for God. There needs to be more than one contributing factor to make this happen. When will the human race wakeup to themselves and realize the benefits of God. It takes far more effort to maintain evil than to use something civil and gorgeous from Gods divine law. I cannot understand why you would bother being evil when it is far more rewarding being gorgeous or in love.