Monday, July 27, 2015

page 25

Nicole Page-Smith


When Spring enters your garden, there are seven reasons to love him, in seven ways. God gave us flowers and we gave him love. Seven colours are noticed in the garden, flowers prevail with the colour and we prevail with the love. Violets can be purple as roses can be yellow, tulips can be red while magnolias are white to a rich, deep red and the rest are your roses in full bloom, orange through to pink. Other colours of ascension are the green leaves on the trees to the blossom for your fruit. Birds fly about, in glory of the Sun and drink the nectar, of the flowers, as bees transport the pollen. Birds tell you of the love in the garden and the incoming rain. The golden love of ascension is reached in the garden of love. All colours reach gold as all colours equal black and white, we are reflected somewhere, there, in Heaven. Our seven colours are for the love of our heart and God. Our garden is reflected in the Sun.