Saturday, January 16, 2021

Our mortal flight

Nicole Page-Smith, photographs

Our mortal flight

Christ is our light in the trees and we are the breeze, we are the breeze and the wind through the trees. The world is green and a greener world of trees, my tree is my god. God has branches like a tree and we are the leaves to grow. Growing with the leaves we are all the birds and they nest in the trees. We are alone and trees, a wooded bliss is the trees. Standing alone in the woods, we are tree for god and blow around in the breeze, walking through. Walking alone in the woods we are alone like pine groves and creak but hear the wind, the wind is the spirit and the spirit of god. We are the light of god because we are the light, the green light. We are the trees and all its branches and green are all the trees in the woods.

The sunlight on our face makes us green and like trees we appreciate the green, the green ocean is the depth of the sea. Greener than oceans we may be in the light but not in the sunshine. We sail the high seas, sailing in the wind, we find our sail. The breeze takes us to greener, greens. Forests would know another name and we are the woods of the green, the light green of the forest. Churches and an oak green.

We are church when we are green, greener is the wood. The churchyard wood is a green oak but, in the forest, beware of the green of the forest green. Churches were built too close to oak and green. Greener is the oak for the green saplings, all dressed in green. We are dressed in light green and had another day with the Lord. Green, oh green, my green and churches. Sprouting the trees grew a greener, green. 

We are the light of god. Trees are our light.

Trees are our daylight for they have leaves and leaves face the sun. Sunlight and leaves we become when we think tree thoughts. Trees and leaves. While trees bask happily in the sunlight, we breathe; forests and breathing are our home. Trees and their light. Growing with fervour in the spring sunshine leaves open up to the light. Oh, green, oh, happily green. Leaves, trees and the sun. 

Birds flying through, land on the trees. Trees, leaves and their birds speak to you about god. Hanging around as though humans were their only, companions, birds like to find you in their forest. Quietly, the birds tend to find you and although, happily getting about in their bird existence or life, tend to like you being there. Birds tend to guide you towards a destination needed and although, you do not want to disturb them, celebrate their food source. Feeding on flowers and nectar is not anything you imagine eating in their forest but, edible berries and flowers may be tasty or save you if you were lost. The birds have limited imagination, you are not bird, so guide you to their place. I am bird to the forest for the leaves and the trees. Birds call me by name.

My name is bird. Trees call me to their garden by nest and by day. We build nests for the trees and the birds in light of god in the trees. Birds of Christ fly through. Finches twitter in the grasslands but the forest birds fly upwards in ascension of branches, nests find their home in the trees. Christ is our mortal existence and birds explain the gold of ascension or the blood of the heart. Birds are part of our existence and fly. Fly birds through the trees and the light. Our mortal flight. 

The End.


Nicole Page-Smith


Friday, January 8, 2021

We are the light

Nicole Page-Smith, photographs

We are the light

We are like stars in heaven and shine to ourselves, daily and by night, shining. Our universe describes our face like mountains could describe the clouds. So, with mountains and clouds being the face we see as star, shining like the sun in the mirror, we see a universe in the nose and eyes of our face. We may see trees or grass, flowers and smile. God created our face as stars accumulated dust, matter and the universe. We are stars and god while the heavens are the body. When birds fly out of our face, we see the spirit, feathers can fall around in memory of trees, they once frequented. Nesting in our mind the spirit finds god.

With twigs in your hair, you find the light. Feathers, the nest has a lining. Birds chirp merrily away as though only in your mind but are reminiscent of the spirit's light and fly. The face holds the spirit like the mind. Hills demonstrate the nose while the gentle curvature of the cheeks are reminiscent of flowers in full bloom. Forests could take over the eyebrows and grow branchlike with your hair. Flight and birds give a glimmer to where the light hits the face and you are reminded of seeing birds fly in the sky. The whole universe is in a face.

The face of Christ is our face. Christ is the stars the universe knows to be god and our history in the bible. Christ's face is the stars in heaven. We are the light.


Friday, January 1, 2021

Our universe spins around us

Nicole Page-Smith, photographs

Our universe spins around us

Stars. Stars are saying. Stars are saying: "It is light".  The pathway is lit. Stars. Stars say. Stars say so. Twinkle. Twinkling in the sky at night, stars tell you of your pathway. We are stars for god, twinkling. When we twinkle, we are stars. We are stars for the light, for the light of god. Stars. All is written, written in the stars. The Christian pathway.

The pathway into the light is our Christian pathway but starlight. Starlight and the night. Starlight, starlight and the night could tell. We are stars for god and lit at night. Are you a star or god? Stars could tell and they could tell the history of the universe.

We are in reflection of the universe. If we were all the stars in the heavens, we would reflect all that has been like passing meteorites. Being the stars and all the heavens. Our history is reflected and as stars we shine. Shining we are the universe. All the history is revealed to us by looking in the mirror. Universes and heavens. The universe speaks of rock like fossils could speak of past species of creature. We are like matter accumulated and spinning on an axis. Our universe spins around us.