Saturday, January 31, 2015


A Divine understanding is the music of the Lord. The music of the Lord is God. God takes you to a philosophy and a pathway to Heaven. When God leads the way to Heaven you feel God's warm embrace like a cat on your knee. God takes your spirit to talk to the stars and bees take you to the honey to fill the pot. A spirit from Heaven is a spirit for God and God likes animal spirits, too, so, in Heaven your cat may catch up with you, if God does not need him on Earth. When we go up to Heaven, with our last ascension, your cat may follow you after his natural death. We only have one lifetime to find love in our hearts and the love of God takes us further to the end of time. One life is short lived. The end of time is near.

Friday, January 30, 2015


The third harmony is the key of D. D Sharp Major takes you into the key of D Minor and the reverse. G Major takes you to the same place and then we consult God about G Minor for the key of G equals God. So, why does God have a harmony of three? A harmony of one equals God in Heaven and that is why we can tolerate the demonic third in G Minor. Heaven is for when we die, mainly, however, God gives us glimpses on Earth, so, we follow that pathway and music is one such glimpse, music takes you to Heaven. The key of D Sharp Major is the Jesus element of Heaven, G Major is the Holy Ghost and G Minor is God in Heaven. Music is Heaven in our hearts and that is why we appreciated music as it goes right down to the core. Play D Sharp Minor for me, so, I can hear your song in my heart, the heart of D.


Thursday, January 29, 2015


When one plus one equals three there is harmony in the universe. The order of the gracing of God is the harmony of the universe. Order and harmony do equal the end of time because the chaos of the universe equals one. This order and understanding is why we are here. Order via chaos takes us to the Lord. The order of God is one. The third element is God and the order of three is what we have to get to for God. The biblical understanding is Jesus via the gracing of God equals God or on a more human experience, the human being via the birds equals Heaven, we notice them in the sky ascending our knowledge upwards to the Lord. Unfortunately, the comprehension of God does not always take people to a harmonious place in their hearts. When harmony is achieved by all chaos, this equals the order of the universe. Three.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


When we see stars on the ground they lead we follow. The order they represent shows us the way forwards and our pathway is set. A nominated way is the way of Christ. When Christ died, there was a nominated star pattern in the sky and this only happens every two thousand years of Christian order, the first was when we were born. God had us born of a Christian order unto him and on a nominated pathway but when Christ laid the garden was when we were born. Human beings came into this Christian order on a nominated pathway and Christ laid the way. When the Creation of the world occurred, God had a plan and born of a certain order on a certain day and God repeats this order every two thousand years to repeat his order, the order of Christ is the order of one, one is the Lord above and two said to God, we love you, on the third day Christ was born, born of the cross to follow God. One plus one equals God.


Tuesday, January 27, 2015


When we think of the smallest creatures on Earth and their mission for God, this takes us to a sacred place, the anthill. Anthills above the ground tower towards the sky and in several cultures the ant is a sacred creature. If you leave sugary offerings outside your house for the ants, God praises you. Other cultures find the ant so sacred that pathways are swept for sacred people to walk along in fear of them stepping on an ant. The little sacred creatures have a very Divine purpose for God on Earth, mainly to clear his pathway of all debris. Ants are part of the decomposer type of small creature for God and you feel, as with other decomposers, at the end of time, they will be the only little creatures left. At the end of time, if we have not found the love of God, we will not survive. Like the ant, we will have to take our understanding up the anthill, skywards, to survive God's understanding. Time is of the essence and love takes us there. Ants work in harmony for God and have very ordered societies. Anthills are incredible constructions being like temples in the wind. We are ordered this way for God, too, for God gives us a sense of order. Patterns on the ground give us our sacred order.


Monday, January 26, 2015


So, if love is the key, then, why do we need time? Why would love not be straight through to the heart, when God is involved? Time carries the end of time, too, the beginning of time is also known to God for he started the whole affair. The beginning of time is the beginning of the universe but not the beginning of God because God is time but is also the infinite. The end of time is God. God does give an instruction manual about life and death to give human beings an indication of a beginning and end of time. However, love is why God had us born on this Earth. The key to knowing God is to find true love. To love your self is to love God. When you find true love you have found the key. The key to time is love.

Sunday, January 25, 2015


God lights the pathway, we see the way because we all carry the end of time around with us in every cell. We take our love to Heaven via the heavenly light within for God needs us to learn love in our hearts. The stars are all around and you see them reflecting the trees. Everywhere there is starlight and God blesses the way to Heaven and if you are born in Heaven you are blessed by angels. At the end of the world all the angels, God and the gods have to lead you by the hand. God put us on the Earth to experience love to take us to the end of time. We have to reach an infinite awareness for transgression. Be aware of your spiritual forefathers for you have to show them egression. Time takes you, by every second, to the end of an awareness of infinity and there the infinite takes over time. We almost have to reduce ourselves back to zero to conceptualize tomorrow and the finite awareness of the soul by God. Time is the element of our life and love is the key. 


Saturday, January 24, 2015


The ground we walk on takes us to the stars. Stars take your heart somewhere close to God. The ground has a star pattern known to your heart for you to walk along. Hearts respond to God. If we ask God why we where put here on Earth, he shows us the pathway forwards and we continue to go on that pathway to God with the stars in view. Your star is nominated when you were born, so, God could lead the way. You see this star on the darkest night and on the quietest evening God informs your soul. This inner twinkly of the star above reflecting your soul takes you along your pathway. This starlight takes you on a journey and you continue through Heaven like you are travelling through a cluster of stars. The light lights our pathway until the end of time.


Friday, January 23, 2015


The heart is our highway our life is our grave. Dark matter is our life. Other planets are going to form given all the stellular activity on view from Earth. We see stellular activity radiating various colours like the colours of the rainbow with Gods Divine view meaning planet formation will not be far away. The formation of the universe must have been a sight to behold. The stars we see from Earth would not be visible from other planets as they are closer to Earth. Dark earth reflects the sky and hence, why we see the stars at night. Night reflects the sky and we reflect the earth. Our heart is the sky and we are the sea. Little by little we are illuminated by history and information passed. The collective whole equals our brain or how we conceptualize God's information. If the information hurts our hearts, we block this information and deny the self. Denying the self does not help God but your heart has to be ready for God. How long does it take your brain to conceptualize a new idea? Usually, half an hour under the right circumstances or anything up to twenty years if the heart puts a block to a new concept. Ask God to heal the hurting or enlighten you a different way. We do hold all the information we need to know right there in the palm of our hand or look at the ground.

Thursday, January 22, 2015


The earth we walk on is Hell and takes us back to ashes. How ancient the earth must be that we walk on. Stars govern our path as you see them reflected in remnants of rocks, minerals and old fossils. The starlight on the ground is everywhere reflecting God both day and night. God tells us our pathway. We communicate via the stars for God to see our name and our guiding star informs the spirit. The spirit of God is the spirit of love. The sacred act of love takes our spiritual order to a pattern in the sky and God reflects this on the ground. Dark earth is the dark matter God needs us to concentrate on. We walk our love and our pathway follows. Places close to the heart are places close to God and we look for our ancestors there. God takes us to our spirit's home, so, we can take our spirit to death. Heaven is the pathway that God has to follow. Love is the pathway that God forbade. Ashes are the sign for love and this is too close to death. Heaven trod the pathway and God guides the star, our heart.


Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Not only do fossils tell us about the species that have occurred during a certain time of the Earth's history, they are like a road map telling you everything about what has happened on Earth until that given point of time and every simple occurrence since. Fossils give an indication of the universe and its development. Species only occur due to certain planetary reasons. The development of species comes from various changes due to the activities of the universe, they are no accident but do have room to maneuver. Species are made to be adaptable. All of the Earth's activities are governed by the universe; for this we read this activity not only in the earth surrounding fossils but by how and why the fossils are fossilized. The Earth does follow a plan set out by the universe with a timeline. Species tell us organically about ourselves. Some species appear familiar to us like those of our past history. Rocks containing fossils preserve different species for they are often discovered by the aging and cooling process splitting the rock in a place with a contained variation like a fossil as the minerals in the rock would age differently causing a chemical reaction around the fossil. Organic matter would want to take itself back to earth.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


If we think about what fossilizes easily, then we think of dark matter and a place where the top earth level is quite old with mineral rich earth. You would then be taking your mind around old natural history museums and what is on display. We do not usually have humans as fossilized specimens, only animals older than human beings. For example, dinosaurs, moas and woolly mammoths are quite well preserved in full skeleton fossil specimens. To find out how old a species would be, you just have to observe the current animals compared to anything you may observe about extinct species and nominate the difference compared to how long the human race took to evolve from caveman days. Earth specimens from around any site where extinct species were found could inform you further about the age of a species of animals. Carbon dating is unreliable without a geologist to nominate the age. The dark earth surrounding a skeleton of any nominated species would be where the evolutionary changes occur and changes in the atom structure. Surrounding rocks would be the main key. Quite often unearthed fossils appear like rocks in the ground. Fossils will tell us why we are here.

Monday, January 19, 2015


When dark matter appears to be a black hole in the core of our being, we feel all the emotional turmoil of the heart sucked through our hearts to be disposed somewhere out Hell's Gate as with true Evil. Emotions in the heart need to be turned into love and cleansed of the negative turmoil. When people take you through Hell, their hate, misunderstanding and Evil need to be taken to the black holes that frequent outer space and when you take yourself there God needs to redeem your Sin. Dark matter should be the fertile matter to take the core of our hearts to love, not hate. So, when you have risen from the ashes, God needs to take you unto his love and hold you there until all Evil blows past you like a raging storm. Let the fertile dark matter take you to life and the negative Evil of people's hearts disintegrate, back into the earth. Ashes take you to love. God bless the stars.

Sunday, January 18, 2015


Down near the core of the Earth is where dark matter resides in its most finite state. In this entry to the universe God takes the blessed on a journey. The centre of the Earth has been written about, imaged through painting and talked about so frequently by human beings, obviously, this place stirs the very core of our being. Some Christians believe the centre of the Earth is the entrance to Heaven and for others, Hell's Gate. Demons and creatures from Hell appear to be imagined with such wild fantasy that you wonder what resides in the heart of mankind. The Earth would represent the heart of man with God at its centre and the emotional turmoil of love at its core, so, what does love do to us? God does not want us breeding demons let alone imaging them but all those nasty deadly Sins has God show people Hell's Gate. Love should be a blessing. Dark matter is the core of our heart.


Saturday, January 17, 2015


Dark matter shines for the blessed and is dull for the rest. This rich fertile matter is full of star light and like stars, if you were ever given the opportunity to view them at close range would appear like lumps of rock like the rock clusters we have on Earth. These rock clusters would be seen from out there in infinite space to reflect light, also. Dark matter contains stardust from past meteorites. Rocks contain all the minerals of Earth, hence, why they are rocks and why some would shine more than others. Dark matter is in part, old rocks or old stars that have crumbled to dust. Rocks do have a life span and then they crumble and in zero gravity, out in infinite space they explode. Earth is cooled down by the water table and oxygen. On Earth, we also have geological disturbances and a smaller variety of what happens in zero gravity with volcanos. An explosion happens, underground, where there is also zero gravity and below the water table, old rocks expire. As strange as it may appear, zero gravity does not require oxygen and it is like what happens deep within the Earth, in infinite space. Dark matter is the finite matter as a result of this.

Friday, January 16, 2015


The dark pool of philosophy takes you to the darkest thoughts about God. God is both Heaven and Hell, good and Evil, love and hate, life and death, dark matter and white heat. Darkness by all the negative elements of the human being takes you to the dark matter of Hell. The ashes of dark matter take you to Heaven. When we contemplate the darkest part of our soul, we contemplate death. The darkest part of the bottomless pit echoes a chorus like a Divine reflection of the self and in this place we experience the beatific vision of God. Dark matter is all life but also is all time, so, we carry the end of time like we carry the end of our life or our death around with us. In the darkest part of our heart is the Divine room of God, the dark matter of the soul and the fertile matter of love but when we are Evil, this place becomes Hell. When our face reflects God in the mirror of our soul, we have found God's love and the refraction is dark matter. Down in this darkened room we also find everything God has to turn to the reverse when we cannot find God's love. Darkness is dark matter, darkness is love, darkness is death and darkness takes you to the deepest part of yourself. This deep inner reflection is the only way God sees your life by the dark matter of your philosophy. Let you darkness reflect your inner light.


Thursday, January 15, 2015


When God takes us to white heat we are taken to Heaven by the exit route or death. So, why is God insistent that we experience love in our hearts? For the reason, God is love. And why is the opposite of dark matter, white heat? For the reason, death is the opposite of life. With this in view, why is dark matter life and death? For the reason, dark matter is God. Why do people imagine Heaven to be white and full of seraphim angels in the highest order unto God? For the reason, God likes us to imagine. Is Heaven white heat for most people? You would have to ask God. Dark matter is the material of the Earth of our pathway. Our heart takes us to ashes and God leads the way. Love takes us to God, dark matter takes us to life and white heat takes us to death. But, these are all God or of the same material, for the reason of dark matter. When angels visit your home, you are not necessarily dead because the angel of death is the angel of mercy but the angel of love is God, for the reason, the angel of life is you and where your heart takes you. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Dark matter is starlight and how could this be? Dark matter does not reflect light but the light of God contains dark matter. Why is there starlight in dark matter? Dark matter does contain starlight, however, dark matter denies light to be reflected. This organic matter is the matter of God and intelligence. So, how does the intelligence of dark matter correspond to something intelligible to a human understanding? The answer would be through dark matter. With this in view, how are we then reduced to ashes? Apart from the idea burning a hole through our hearts and our minds, this strange organic matter does contain God with the light we need to know. Starlight then requires our knowing and love requires us to learn. So, what is God's message here? Love thy neighbour, be they friend but why would we want to do this, to like oneself? It is easier to love people than hate them, love takes less effort and hate takes work. God needs us to love people to keep the human race going. So, what is the opposite of dark matter? White heat.


Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Is dark matter alive? Is substance alive? You would be thinking if time, the time of God, infinity and the infinity of infinite space ever caught up with us we would equal dark matter. Dark matter is not essentially always alive in the infinite space of the void and then equals the substance of matter, particles, simple atoms and so forth. Dark matter is a form of intelligence, this is known to man and then God takes us to nature to walk hand in hand with the Lord above. We are then informed by the stars about harmony and the harmony of nature equalling God with this taking you back to life. The unconscious infinity of God is what takes you there, to dark matter and the rhythms of life take you further through love. With the harmony and the rhythms of nature equalling God, we dance for him to show our concern as to where dark matter turns to ashes. The place on the ground is alive, is dark matter, the spot for us to find our communication, our pathway, our rhythm and the harmony of nature. Patterns are noticed and with the infinite variations of possibility we are found in dark matter. Our pattern is set for an individual achievement.


Monday, January 12, 2015


So, what is the reverse of matter? Substance. And what is the opposite of dark matter? Indifference. What is the substance of indifference? The void. When we contemplate infinite space, for example, what exists around the star clusters and the planets, we think of zero gravity equalling the void. The equation of dark matter floats around out there in the void, too. The fertile product of dark matter is organic life with the reverse substance being indifferent to the void. We are the splitting of the atom and that is why we exist at all. When God splits the atom we create a baby with human beings in mind but when God splits the atom in infinite space we also create ourselves, for example, with the Big Bang theory. This is for God to experiment with only, otherwise we would kill ourselves as we are not the intelligence of God, we are part of God but are not ever to trespass his Divine knowledge without permission otherwise we may as well press the "self destruct" button on ourselves and God takes us to the Devil. Therefore, dark matter has to remain as the equation of all life.

Sunday, January 11, 2015


There is dark matter in our hearts that cannot be dealt with, do not trespass. God has to deal with the Evil in the dark matter of the human heart. Evil people only take dark matter to an Evil philosophy, so, God has to intervene. Dark matter is the source of all life and all death but when dark matter is taken to death, while you are alive, that is Evil. This duality of dark matter is to encourage the continuum of life not its death and then we are taken to the dark ashes on the ground for resource to follow the philosophy of God for God to show us the way forwards. Throw a star to your best friend. Spirits are supposed to kindle the flame not hinder its purpose. The inverse of the specific would be the reverse of dark matter. The inside out, the valley and the mountain, finitude verses the infinite, God.

Saturday, January 10, 2015


If we reflect the love of God, then we reflect dark matter. Dark matter is the spirit fire. Dark matter is ashes and dark matter is the soul. The spirit fire is ashes. Ash for the heart is the spirit fire of dark matter. Look for the spirit fire in dark matter where the dark matter of the world equals the world. Spirit fire and dark matter are one. The world is at one with nature when we find the spirit fire. Ashes. Dark matter is the Earth when it is spirit fire. The heart is spirit fire when it is Earth and we are spirit fire when we are in love. Dark matter is love. Spirits have fire. Fire is the element of the soul. Ashes are the matter of dark matter. The universe gave the Earth a fiery spirit and then Creation was born of the spirit. Our spirit acquires dark matter, so, we can communicate with the stars. There, the stars communicate with ashes or the glow in your heart. Love.