Wednesday, July 22, 2015

page 23

Nicole Page-Smith


With seven reasons to love God we have seven eyes for love. The seven eyes of our body do look upon the world in seven ways for God. We have an eye in our head for wisdom, we have two eyes to see the Lord and these are one for God as they see him in nature where he is wise. We have eyes stationed in our body, in the heart, the Soul, the Spirit and one eye sees the whole world via God and this is our guiding star. We see the future for God as he sees the past and our eye for this is our love for the Lord. He had seven angels for we have seven ways unto him and our angel of love guides our heart. The ascension colours take our heart to Heaven, that way. Seven rivers are we to cross before we find our way and this is the current of life for we have seven universes to be observed by God, and these reside in the body. I love God to love me in seven ways in the seven rivers current to cross. The seven eyes of God told me this. The seven stars of Christ are upon us, from Heaven.