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St Mary Magdalene

Photographs by Jeffrey Harris

Music: George Frideric Handel
Alexander Balus HWV 65
Aria 'Convey Me To Some Peaceful Shore'
Sandrine Piau-Soprano, Topi Lehtipuu-Tenor;
Accademia Bizantina: Stefano Montanari-
First Violin and Conductor.

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Pigeons II

All drawings untitled 2008

The Sign
... then, however, he suddenly heard that he was surrounded 
by countless birds, swarming and fluttering- the whirring of so 
many wings and the throng about his head, however, were so 
great that he shut his eyes. And truly, it was as if a cloud had
fallen upon him, a cloud of arrows discharged over a new 
enemy. And behold, in this case it was a cloud of love, and 
over a new friend.