Sunday, November 30, 2014


Sacred people are alive to God. The bottomless pit is a place in your soul close to Heaven. This place close to death is somewhere velvety in your heart and where you will find God's love. Down in the bottomless pit, this centre of your heart and centre of your soul is where God finds you. This nice sacred place is the life that equals death. Sacred places for God take you to his love. The entry into Heaven, with the bottomless pit in view, echoes your soul back at you. A sacred place is a Divine place to God and the deep resonance. A reflection of the bottomless pit cannot hold your residency. The philosophy of the soul is to reflect your inner life and God holds your hand for love. Do not trespass. A place on land that has this depth of feeling would equal the most moving view displayed to you by the gods, there would be list of ten places God could recommend you view, take your heart there someday. The darkened Earth shows your soul where to trespass. Go to this place.


Saturday, November 29, 2014


With the ground covered with stars, we are blinded by God's light and this lights up your heavenly view as you walk down your pathway. The view of nature sent by Spring rain makes the ground flourish with wild flowers and the resplendent view of colours sets your heart ablaze. Walking along your pathway, stars light up your view to the treetops and glistens in starlight from the Sun. The flowering cover of the ground reflects Heaven and flowers are the grace of God, the universe tells you about love this way on your pathway unto him. The stars sprinkled on your pathway take you via the flowers in your heart through God. A forward glance takes you through nature to observe, for God. The rain takes you closer to the view of the stars with the sparkle of nature all around and when the rain has stopped, glistening raindrops are reminiscent of your starlit path. Stars guide the way to Heaven.

Friday, November 28, 2014


The night sky shows you the Heavenly way. The night sky is resplendent with stars, these reflect on the ground and all around us. Nocturnal creatures find their way by a night time view of the stars, their pathway is set in the earth to find their way home. During the day you can see who passed through that way and even humans litter the ground with remnants of the night before, nocturnal creatures of habit. The blue sky above shines to us while the star patterns below glisten in nature reflecting the heavenly breath above. The sky shines more brightly from the starlight than nature's Divine reflection of Heaven could show and that is why the sky is blue. With an elevated view of nature, like God with a vista or his room with a view in Heaven, starlight is seen all around you with starlight lighting the way as if someone sprinkled the ground with stars. Elevation for God takes you to Heaven if you climb to a vantage point. This vantage point can also be obtained by spiritual elevation through the heart. When we get to this point, God takes you through Heaven to view the stars at night.

Thursday, November 27, 2014


If we take ourselves up the other way, past Christ's tomb and keep climbing all the way to the Heaven on high, just follow the dove, this is the Heaven God wants to make us aware of while we are alive, under ground is supposed to be for burial, where you will find Hell if you have not found God in Heaven. With the starry way to Christ in Heaven lit up by God at night, follow his star and with the stars above being the Heaven on high God needs to know your name. The star patterns are everywhere nominating the way just follow the stars on the ground to God and follow your pathway, look all around to see if God is following you, so, if all of nature looks beautiful, he is there following you. Nature is God and you are nature. Stars are Heaven and you are Heaven if you know love in your heart. The universe has a message via the star unto the Lord. Christian theosophy tells you part of the story if you read the bible or visit a cathedral. Heaven is from God for the blessed to see love where the unblessed do not see anything, gardeners for Christ. The star patterns are all around us in nature to light up the way to Heaven. Heaven is a star.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


If we look at the realm of Hell and all the Divine creatures that are placed all the way down your pathway to the entrance through Paradise or exit through Satan's last door, Hell's Gate, what are these gods for? Why is this place Hell for some people and Heaven for others with gods for the blessed and devils for the Sinners? Probably, just to teach us about ourselves through God's Divine journey with his human race. The Divine creatures or gods represent part of your psyche and how we react to God's Divine passage to is to test our strength. The unconscious for some people includes your personality demons or what lies unearthed in the psyche, with others the unconscious is the infinity to God and the gateway to Paradise, Heaven. So, if we walk forwards through a Paradise through Heaven and only see Heaven on Earth, this is a Divine passage where the gateway would equal the garden gate. We walk on by the people in Hell as Evil is not our pathway and Evil people only seem to take you through Hell. Sacred information is only for the blessed to see the ground you walk on taking your steps through Heaven.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Opposing the idea of extinction would be similar to opposing the knowledge of God. If we picked up a handful of earth, we could probably analyse everything we need to observe about the planet, its future and the past history of where it came from originally, the origin of all species and the design of all future species to come but few people like to think clearly or use their brain to its fullest capacity. Why do people tell you that we only use one third of our brain, what do they do with the rest of it? Even if we used one third of the brain's strength and capacity to think, you would get half way there. Half way to God is at least part of the way unto him. So, if we could analyse the history of extinct species like dinosaurs in a handful of earth, what would we be looking for? Mainly no bone remnants would be available, few species of plants they consumed would be still noticeable and what does dirt consist of? The whole history of the planet would be found in a handful of dirt. If we carbon date Earth, we will find out where we came from. So, why are people too scared to do this? Fear of the unknown is fear of the self and fear of the self is fear of God with the unconscious fear of infinity putting us in doubt, so, are we afraid of time, the infinite, God or ourselves with God's knowledge? Maybe we just have a fear of extinction.


Monday, November 24, 2014


When species become extinct it is for God. There are remnants of past species in fossilized rock past a certain age. For example, certain shelled species seem to fossilize well and so did the dinosaurs along with woolly mammoths. Woolly mammoths are reported to have become extinct 200,000 years ago, so, with this information and due to weather conditions we would assume the rock is about this old or at least this is when carbonization occurred with this being why they find whole skeletons fully formed. God informs us about what is needed when other smaller species become extinct, usually it is a measure of how the planet is performing. There is equilibrium in ecology when there is a balance in nature. Depending on the temperature of the ground at any one given moment in the history of the planet will result in the fossilization of species. Previous larger mammals would normally have needed an ice age, so, they are almost "snap" frozen for preservation and you could imagine nothing else rendering these species extinct other than lack of food. Some small species will be found if they have been covered but mostly God would have to show you where to find them, when found, these could be the vital clues for judging the age of larger mammals. We are just stumbling around in the dark without God's help. Certain people will be nominated by God to find these fossils and others will just walk right over them. I suppose it is like walking right on by a masterpiece in the Louvre Museum, only certain people are blessed with eyes to see.


Sunday, November 23, 2014


With the dark earth we find dark matter and here we have a possibility. This possibility for a future species takes God to dark matter, like the beginning of the creation of the world, where the Earth darkened for a day and out of the flames sprang life. Some forest trees need a bushfire to propagate and after the earth has blackened with ashes, plants spring back to life while trees produce flowers. The seedpods have such a hard casing that germination will only happen when they are prized open with the heat of the flames of a severe bushfire, then the native bush recreates itself with the next generation of trees keeping the species going. Species of trees have been able to modify their behaving to suit the environment and this happens genetically where the strongest species survives. Certain modifications with the same species have one genetic code survive while the others die, especially under extreme conditions of death, destruction and disease, so, this is why God needs there to be variations in the same species or a species is completely wiped out with one destructive element. In the evolution of the species of plants several have adapted to their environment to survive devastation and the end of their species. Mutations that occur genetically cause the variations God needs for a species to survive through natural selection. Extinction can be necessary to God, so, other species can continue to grow.


Saturday, November 22, 2014


In the forest there are several levels of planetary information for God to tell us where we are from, why we are here and anything else we need to observe about the universe. This comes from the patterns in nature not only physical patterns but behavioural patterns. The balance and ecology of the forest is delicate with human intervention not welcome by God, this is similar out there in the universe, in infinite space. With symmetrical patterns that house God in nature's patterns, you feel God has a bigger message than we comprehend in our hearts, maybe it is the asymmetry that we have to notice for the difference. We can mathematically equate difference but not symmetry. So, the divine plan of the forest equals God and the symmetry of the universe equals the symmetry of the forest with infinite possibility. The variation is where the problem lies, at the bottom of the forest. This place carries the remnants of the forest that decompose down into the ground and that make the ground soil fertile for the forest trees. There the patterns of variation occur and you can observe any problems the forest may have had in a heavy season of rain, for example. Variation equals difference.


Friday, November 21, 2014


When looking at the ground in a darkened room we see the light of God illuminating the floor and we take this outside, the ground is continually illuminated by an unknown source or the infinite. With the darkest shadow on the ground we still see God's true light, so, how is this? All you are probably looking at for the Earth to be blackened in shadow is dirt but you would still see this place. God is all around and everyone and everything, so, what illuminates the ground? Our heart, God's love, the stars or light reflected from everywhere? The ground is similar in dark space and just as infinite in the variation of possibility. So, what is the probability of God out there? God would be everywhere, too, and matter would be finite. Therefore, why do species and stars become extinct? Because we are factors of the whole and there is a finite ending. Time is endless and so is God infinite. Therefore, time is God.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


When you look at your life compared to the life God had planned, the pathway lit by starlight is the gauge. Sometimes God needs to guide you on a different pathway when the star patterns miss you. Few people realize that God guides the way and stars are our road map to follow. There are several different pathways to follow that are also negotiated on the same road map but some do not take you down the correct road to God. Stars guide the way and God tells us the difference and somewhere in between we have to make an equation as to "who" we are. When the road is too black and the starlight too obscured we lose our star pathway, stars guide the way and God shows us the rest to bring darkness into light. This Divine illumination tells your heart why God has to follow and when God has to lead the pathway down another roadway. On a starry night we have to then talk to God about the next pathway. Stars shine above for God to tell us about Heaven, he takes you on a journey and the stars are like an instruction plan telling you about why God needs us to know Heaven, ashes.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Ashes take you to the place you know in your heart to ascend you to the stars. God knows you in Heaven. Stars are what we are made of and God planted the seed in Heaven. We are all heavenly sent unto the Lord above and stars light the way. Meditate on the stars for God. Heightened consciousness takes you to God via the stars and we see these on the ground lighting up our pathway. Our pathway to God is written in the stars. Levitate some day up to God and tell him your star pattern is for him with love, a love letter in the sky for him to read. In heightened states of awareness we find God in a consciousness of Heaven and infinity, infinity is God, God is Heaven, while there, we are taken to his infinity in the stars. Finite understandings of Earth take us to God, too. Ashes take you to Heaven.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


The stars appear on the ground in a circle. If you draw a circle on the ground you will see your pathway in the stars, map your way. What is your pattern to take you through Heaven? God has this pattern mapped on your heart, so, draw it on a piece of paper and map the stars. We are all starlight to God and that is how the Lord knows we exist at all. Our patterns are nominated at birth, when we are born and that is why we know them in our hearts, a star map from the Heavens above. This is to tell us our way to death and our pathway until the day we die, this is nominated in the sky, just ask God. Everybody has a pattern nominated and everybody knows the pathway, even though some people need guidance as they lose their pathway. The stars look like a mad scientist at work, mapping out a map of God, with some extraordinary mathematical equation that only makes sense to you, individually, so, ask God where to look. Look at the stars for guidance, on your pathway. Your pathway to God is unto him and God shows you the way forwards. So, do not diverge from your pathway or you will get lost and God will never be able to find you again. Find your spirit with God.

Monday, November 17, 2014


You wonder how many universes the Sun lights up. The Sun feels like a Divine reflection of itself and a mirror image of God. The universe appears to reflect itself with the other seven universes and this reflects God. The Sun is the capacity and the mirror is the end. The universe tells us where to find love. If we look at the mirror we see the end. The Sun is God for capacity and God tells us where to find him. The universe is reflected in itself for infinity and for God with the Sun shining our way. So, the Sun and the moon have a similar function, to reflect God in all his capacity and glory. The seven universes are the seven Heavens and reflect Divine light. They do reflect the self and God tries to enlighten our human brain about his beauty in nature, all around us glistening in the Sun. The Sun is in memory of the moon and the stars all around celebrate God, God loves the stars to reflect him. The seventh Heaven of God is where you will find the Sun.


Sunday, November 16, 2014


If we were to paint a painting of the moon how would you go about this and what phase of the moon would you paint? Maybe it would depend on your sex, male or female, or age. Most people would be thinking a younger man would paint an image of the moon in the second phase and a more elderly man, past sixty-five, the moon would be full. For the opposite sex, a woman would not want to reveal the moon, so, it would either be veiled behind a cloud or in the first phase and why would this be? Men would need to reveal to you their connection to the moon and women would not, so, how are we connected to the moon? Our lunar equation is revealed in our behavioural activities and our moods along with our whole earthly activity is governed by the moon, so, why does the moon have such a pull on us? We are attracted to the magnetic pull of the two poles, North and South. This not only situates us upright on the Earth's surface with gravity but the gravitational pull needs to be equated differently and our bodies could not handle the pressure if the Earth was not spinning on an axis. The moon is there to regulate gravity almost like a ball and chain effect or we could not survive without the moon nor would the Earth be able to spin on its axis. The planets are different densities, size and weight, so, to regulate the gravitational pull from the Sun, a moon, like a magnet has to not only slope a planet a certain way so it spins but so it is kept its distance from the Sun. It does this naturally out of destiny ratio otherwise there would be more meteorites than necessary and all the planets would crash into the stars along with being consumed by the Sun's light rays or it would be too bright to see. The Sun is so many light years away from the universe as we know it that it probably died several million years ago when the universe was created like a vague memory of another planet. Our equation with the moon is governed by the Sun and that is why we know about the moon in our hearts.


Saturday, November 15, 2014


When we consider other moonscapes, for example, Gian Domenico Cassinin's original drawings of the moon from 1671-1679, using the artists Sebastien Leclerc and Jean Patigny, there is a delicate surface to be observed and this reminds you of passing solar activity. In your heart and mind's eye you feel the moon has been weathered by passing solar winds, the odd asteroid shower, accumulation of cosmic dust and other general hazards of age out there in outer space. The lunar light of the moon seems to take our heart on a journey elsewhere, though, to the point where drawing the moon feels at odds with our senses. What is the moon telling our hearts? The moon makes us aware of the other planets and activities in the universe with something frightening about the age of the solar system on offer. Maybe the unknown factor takes our hearts to the infinity of God and only when you are ready will God let you trespass. Walking on the moon seems totally unnecessary to the understanding of what God is trying to teach us. Will our hearts ever lead us to who we are? Looking at nature, you feel like God via the universe is trying to spell it out to us with the patterns of the moon but we are not being the intelligent human beings God needs us to be, to figure out why we are God's divine science project. Will we ever get there?

Friday, November 14, 2014


Does the moon have water? The shadows of the moon do appear to be hollow craters or valleys that feel empty but you feel for the surface to have such deep valleys, water must have been present on the moon, once. Perhaps the moon is older than the Earth. The surface of the moon looks colder than Earth with the more than likely explanation being, the moon is more in shadow of the Earth than the Earth is in shadow of the Sun. It is a perplexing question to ask yourself, how old are all the other planets and moons to one another? Like Ancient Greek sculpture, you can tell the age of the sculpture even with war heros trophied pieces that have since lived at the bottom of the sea, most were too heavy for the ship's passage. If you wanted to chart the history of the universe, I am sure it would be this easy. So, the surface of the moon does have a history and could be noted quite easily from Earth using maps. The moon has been noted in various stages of history and with these judged by many experts in the field of mapping the moon, an equation could be made as to the changes of the surface texture. Many stages in the history of moon mapping have different maps been drawn, almost appearing like the moon was drawn from the imagination rather than through a telescope. Do we have an inner understanding of the history of the moon or does it have an inner understanding of us? Our moods, like the cycles of the body, are all tied in with the cycles of the moon to give you the idea of our lives being governed by some philosophy, not only more ancient than humans, but older than planet Earth. When did we acquire the moon?

Thursday, November 13, 2014


So, if we think about the flow of a river and where it meanders to, why does the course change? Well, if we think about the clouds in the sky, why do the forms change? Yes, we do simply have a change of wind direction that is seasonal but why is this? We do have a change in the direction of the wind on the poles, North and South because the Earth spins on an axis and journeys around the Sun, getting cooler in Winter when we are far away from the Sun and the winds are warmer in Summer when we are closer to the Sun. The seasonal change of direction comes from polar changes. Therefore, if we have a causeway on a flat expanse of ground the river direction is going to follow the pattern of the winds. To map wind is to map ground, so, to map the universe is to map your heart, we are attracted to the magnetic force of the planets like you are attracted to your loved one because of the magnetic pull of the heart. Ask God the address.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


The centre of the Earth would feel like molten rock that is one day going to explode like a volcano or at least the world is going to end. We seem to hold this knowledge in our hearts and every cell in our body describes this to God, matter disintegrates into dark matter, the dark matter of the heart. If you find God's love in your heart, then you ascend yourself to him, ashes. The water table and pockets of starlight will smoulder quietly in the Earth like ventricles in your heart experiencing the true love of God. When the matter of Earth will disintegrate at the end of time we will just be a vague memory in cosmic dust. God needs us to contemplate why he was placed in our hearts with the love of God equalling your starlight. When you go to God in your heart, what does he look like? The universe. The stars are God and God reflects this in Heaven. With the centre of the universe equalling molten rock like a hot molten flow is like the centre of your heart equalling God via the stars and the entrance to the universe is via the centre of the Earth but also via the centre of your heart with this place God finds you at death to take you to Heaven by your entrance point. The Heaven in our hearts equals dark matter to God and we are taken to the place already known in our hearts to observe so, we know where to find Heaven at death, God lead us there. Dark matter at the centre of the universe is our entrance to the divine reflection of God and where we find the other seven entrance points through the universe, this place takes us back to Earth.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


With the centre of the Earth equalling the centre of the universe we find dark matter and the Sun shines brightly on you. There are several layers of dark matter like the circles of Hell for the Evil and the layers of matter for the blessed. For example, earth goes down to the first water table and then we find rock. The general understanding is, Hell remains under foot, for example, the temperature of the Earth or the Earth's crust. For the Evil, Hell extend's to Satan's door or to the centre of the Earth and for the blessed we find God in dark matter or as a divine reflection, all the way down to the entry point. So, with this in mind, the Earth is like a heart map where the centre is God for the blessed and Satan for the Evil, here, depending on who your are, is where you find either Heaven or Hell. This entry to the universe is God and for the sinners the last exit. With our heart equalling dark matter, in the core, God wants us to find ourselves. Out in the universe, in dark space, God has a message and this we find in dark matter. We see our divine reflection in the centre of our hearts and the divine light shines back at us. Dark matter defies the reflection of starlight. In Heaven we are only to see the face of God. When the Creation of the world happened, God had a plan and we had to follow it, so, for the blessed dark matter takes us to stardust. So, with the Holy time of year and the Christian calendar in view, the Holy Spirit would be Jesus and his spirit would fly unto the Lord. The angels in the Heaven above would be seen closer to the Sun. The stars above would be seen circling the zodiacs and the Sun would shine above with the moon appearing at night as a reflection of the Sun. As we reach the centre of the Earth, the Earth becomes warmer and is cooled by molten gases. These are what form rocks in a higher level through carbonization and hence we have mineral deposits not supposed to be touched by man, fossils can be found at a later stage of development embedded in rock and this is where God wants us to be aware of our past to be observant of what happened. Our universe is God through to the core and dark matter equals our love affair with knowledge.


Monday, November 10, 2014


For some dark matter is God and for others dark matter is Evil. Dark matter is what the planet Earth consists of, from the Earth's crust down through the core, God's exist point and for others, Hell is under the Earth's crust for the Evil. Dark matter is God. There is starlight all the way through dark matter to the core of Earth where God's exit point exists and then there is the universe. This is the entry point for some people to Heaven and the exit point for Evil people. Earth or our star planet, was probably formed by a meteorite, so, the core is something like stardust as the core is so ancient with a memory of starlight. The meteorite would have been travelling faster than the speed of light, hence, why it would still glow. The starlight, surrounded by dark matter, would be the rest of the meteorite protected by God, this carries through all the way through to the Earth's crust. There are certain well known theories about the nature of the end of species such as the dinosaurs who could have been easily wiped out with a passing meteorite shower, it would also make the Earth freeze, presumably, the meteorite would have come from a cooler part of the universe and there are several pockets of dark matter out in space. God only enlightens general thinking about dark matter if they can take this understanding through to a sacred realm.