Friday, October 31, 2014


For those who consider the universe to equal the planets in their stratosphere and their cycle observed from Earth, they would feel the influence of these planets cycle in their lives with this as their focus. Three cycles would equal three planets and three occurrences from the heart. The third line of the meridian would take you to the God point and this would be your egress, Gods divine address or Heaven. When you take the planetary guide into the third phase of yourself, you look three ways in the mirror and find the third entry point. The third planet's eclipse of your heart takes you to God and there are three ways to God with three planets as your guide with the third eclipse taking you to Heaven. Three phases of the heart with three planets in view would feel like the Holy Trinity with God's entry to Heaven taking the bird's wing, the connection point to love. Three phases of life equalling three phases of being would equal God through the planets. Mars would equal Mars the god of war with the violent, unruly reflection of the spirit via abject emotions. Saturn, the god of generation and time would take your spirit to God, at death. God is time and Jupiter is the god of the sky, Jove, the Lord above or God the father. Three cycles of the planets, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter, are needed for your heart to understand God, your position on planet Earth and your heart's cycle in the universe.

Thursday, October 30, 2014


With the Sun as our universe, God appears at the window, shining through the pane. The birds make you aware of the presence of the Lord at dawn where the Sun first appears through the window. The beginning of the new day appears through the window and the birds celebrate God in the trees outside. With God at the window we see the cycle of the moon and the shadow of the Earth appears behind the Sun. When the moon is in the shadow of the Sun and a new moon appears we see God at the window. The cycle of daylight makes God appear at the window in the light behind the trees. The centre of the heart is God at the centre as Earth. Clouds surround the Earth and pass a shadow from the Sun. The Earth circles the Sun on a cycle of the moon so, the moon casts a shadow on the Earth behind the Sun. Therefore, the Sun in your heart equals God at the window. God needs to appear in the window of your heart for the Earth to be at the centre of your universe. When the Sun appears behind the clouds, God brings forth the Sun in your window.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


If we take the correct phase of the moon skyward through Heaven to God, then we would not have to be influenced by shadow or God would have to have us take the moon to the devil. The universe goes past the moon but this is the only other form such as a planet that we can see clearly from Earth, all the other planets appear as stars and unless we know the positions of the planets in the stars at night we would need a telescope to distinguish them and a planetary guide or star map for further clarification. If we take Heaven through the moon or find a pathway this way, then we are cold at heart. There the seven phases of the moon equal Satan. The universe goes past the moons and God in Heaven to equal the universe, God equals the universe and for some their universe goes no further than their hearts. For others the universe extends past their hearts to the end of the Earth and beyond to the edge of space. Planets behave in a similar manner to moons in that they reflect the Sun and that is why we see the moon in its four quarters as a reflection of the position of the Sun and its relationship to Earth, the Earth casts a shadow from the Sun so we see the position of Earth to the Sun on the axis. Moons cast a shadow on Earth, like the Sun and so do other planets not that we would notice this with our naked eye but our heart does in the same way as plants do.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Where does the Earth move to? The Earth spins on an axis revolving around the Sun or does it stay still with the Sun and moon revolving around the Earth? Do the other planets move or does Earth? If we move around the universe as a planet, what are we experiencing? God informs us partly in our hearts, so, we observe him in Heaven but Heaven is your pathway you walk down. We notice God's divine language in nature but we are only vaguely conscious of who he is and our hearts tell us the rest. This finite infinity takes our hearts there to a God up in Heaven, the Heaven on high and out to a heavenly domain somewhere in mid space. So, in this place the planets are noticeable circling the Sun and we are conscious the stars exist but do not feel their light. In this place God appears to mean something else through our hearts and then we walk along our pathway with stars governing the way. What is God's message and why are we only vaguely consciously aware? Obviously we cannot get too close to God's divine knowledge or it takes us to Hell. Our hearts seem to spin on a slow revolution around God's divine Sun or light, where the awaking is slow for good reason. All the information that would equal one human being is quite different from one human being to another. For example, where the planet Earth was positioned in your zodiac hour, the year you were born and the position of the planets elsewhere appears to spin our hearts on a different revolution from one another and this predestined voyage takes us on a different journey on our pathway to God.


Monday, October 27, 2014


The faces of the Sun on the diameter of the heart correspond via the zodiac calendar to the phases of the moon. The star guide in your heart tells you where the Sun will appear. So, the position of Earth on the orbit around the Sun would have you notice the position of the Earth via the Sun and even if you had been distanced from the time of day the changing of the light via the shadows on the ground would explain the calendar month with the time of day. An orbit of the Sun equals an orbit of the moon when the equator is distanced from the Sun and when we have an eclipse of the moon with the Sun the Earth darkens in shadow in broad daylight. The face of the Sun corresponds to the zodiac you were born under and this you know in your heart, Gods divine reflection. The face the moon recommends, describes the face of the Sun in shadow. Faces of the Sun are noticed by God with the Sun shining down on your heart corresponding to shadows on Earth. Where the Sun faces the Earth, God is known in our hearts because most people enjoy the warmth of the Sun. Let the Sun shine on you.

Sunday, October 26, 2014


One wonders what Gods view of the universe looks like from the heights of Heaven. Given the world map spins upside down to how we conceive it, God would have a view of the South Pole and the planetary positions in the universe. The rising star constellations would be in view, stars to God and love to the planets. If we lined the stars and the planets up in a sort of user guide for God, we may understand him but only in our hearts. The planets cycle is astral and we are God unto him. So, once again, from Heaven, Earth would be central to God. With God as the earthly core of the universe other planets are noticed elsewhere as with a conjunction of the opposites like a divine mirror, this internal reflection is a reflection of God in Heaven and our hearts. The conjunction of opposites suggests there is a male and female element of the universe as there is a Northern and Southern Hemisphere of Earth, male and female plants and men and women, God is both. From Gods perspective our zodiacs nominate who we are.


Saturday, October 25, 2014


If we regard the waters of the sea and the oceans of the meridian of the Earth then we find the planetary way has a cycle via the patterns of the winds. This relates to the currents of the ocean and the flow of blood around our heart takes our mind to God with the planetary cycle in the universe explaining who we are. The darkness of space relates to the darkened matter of pure space, a finite understanding of the infinite. If we equate God through love and Heaven through the angel we might get to a particle of Gods instruction. This planetary information is special in the hearts of man and gives us an indication of God by design. The heart is a microcosm of the act of creation and the womb of the world suggests Earth is at the centre of the universe for God where love is in the hemisphere of Heaven or knowing. The orbit of the creation of the world equals God and the planet you were born under equals Heaven to the zodiac of the heart. Our heart is central to God as the universe is central to Heaven and the waters of our hearts is at the centre of God. The waters of the womb protect the new born with the waters of the oceans protecting our nominated pathway to Heaven.


Friday, October 24, 2014


If we equate the heart with a world map, then the Southern Hemisphere would be the lower part and the Northern Hemisphere the upper region with the mid ventricle pumping blood where the oceans would be. The oceans would get warmer near the equator and cooler near the poles with the oceans temperature being regulated by the external layer of gases to protect the Earth from the Sun. With warmer oceans God does breed tropical fish while cooler oceans have the larger mammals of the oceans with whales and sharks amongst them. Our old star history has a bearing on the ocean floor's temperature with the waters cooling the oceans. Divinity would suggest other planets had a philosophy of the same water. All the zones like the four chambers of the heart had an order unto God like the four sections of the globe. The two poles would be one, the equator would be another and the oceans on either side of the equator would equal the other two zones.

Thursday, October 23, 2014


The universe is mathematically equated and that is why we feel God in our hearts. The heart is a smaller version of the world at large and this is a smaller universe. So, while we sleep the stars are crossing the meridian and the globe continues to spin on an axis. While we are awake the planets are quietly being observed by planet Earth as the Sun shines down on you. Our heart is equated as though islands on earth equal planets of the universe. All the zodiacs are equated mathematically as well by God, giving star patterns mathematics. This mathematical equation unto God equals the divine circle of Heaven, the universe. The heart has its own mathematics and these correspond to the circle of the heart equalling the universe, also. God equates what we equal by summing up your mathematical equation, for example, how much you love God. Circling around the globe is Gods way of showing us his pathway like blood circles around the heart to give you good circulation. The planets circle around Earth and the universe circles around the Sun with this circle we equal God in our hearts.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


With the Earth being the God part of your heart and the celestial seasons nominating the planets, God would shrink the universe down to size. Human capacity to visualize the size of the universe does depend upon your scope. The cycles of moons around other planets would have an influence. One day can nominate God with the light of the hour and the horizon line is the meridian. So, do not let this take you to Hell as twenty-four hours can also take you to Satan. The cycles of the seasons take your heart somewhere closer to God especially with your daily bread. The twelve calendar seasons of the zodiac take your star patterns close to God and the heart pattern tells you where to observe. God needs to know you in advance of you knowing and this is why he takes you through the cosmological order. The season of God is the season of love and God put flowers on your table. We have a solstice of the heart and a winter solstice of your mind, almost like the kind of hibernations animals frequent in winter and burrow our head but the hearts solstice takes another season unto God. The planets are attracted to the horizon as the equator helps us spin on an axis like a top and a ball to keep the equilibrium flow.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


When you think about the celestial body you think of man and where the starlight is found, here we have God. If we nominate the body as our universe then where would God live? God has an entry point through our hearts but is this where he lives? Maybe the male population should concentrate on this entry from God but sacred babies in their mother's womb would find God there, along with their breast milk, maybe they see the starlight. For a woman God also enters her universe through the heart and this takes her baby there. Human beings appear fascinated with the speed of light but how do they know it travels? God has to illuminate our mind with an infinite understanding. Planets and stars can be observed from earth but all we had to look at was ourselves. The heart nominates the planets and we observe them in our body, therefore, our head would be planet Earth with our brain being Venus and our mind via God equalling Jupiter. Our universe is our heart and God holds us there. Love God to love your universe.

Monday, October 20, 2014


If the centre of the universe were to be equated to the centre of the heart most people would take themselves to Hell rather than Heaven. This is the one point God does not allow anybody access to, the God zone of your heart and a fierce black hole with nasty solar winds to suck up the whole universe if anything takes the universe through that much strife. On an orbit to avoid the pitfalls of the universe, planets have a magnetic solar cap to keep them on course in a forcefield of gravity. There is zero gravity in infinite space in the void of the unknown. Similarly, in our hearts blood is pumped around the four chambers of the heart with a heartbeat to oxidize the blood and this is pumped around the body in a twenty-minute cycle, the main ventricle of the heart would equal your God point to keep you alive. God would equal the void. Blood is a metaphor for infinite space.


Sunday, October 19, 2014


If you think about the circulation of the planets and their cycle around one another, their circuit feels as though you know their pathway in your heart. Even if we were blind, other planets appear to circulate our interior solar system and we feel other planets exist other than Earth. If we use a telescope to view the stars, planets seem logically what we are looking at along with the star formations but we can just ask our heart for the same view. The divine light of God is only noticeable via the Sun and a memory of the Sun's light in your heart and you wonder if we are surviving on a vague memory of the Sun that died several million years ago and whether the Earth is still here. Are we in the dark with only a memory of starlight guiding the way? Our planetary observation does appear known to us somewhere deep in our hearts with God's understanding in view. Everywhere nature informs us with our observation being an invaluable philosophical resource to God and we appear to have to equate this infinitely. Our pathway is set from birth by the planetary guide of the stars, almost like God's guide through nature, a book to observe and for our hearts to read. The divine pathway takes you on a voyage with the planets in view, circulating your divine information to Heaven.

Saturday, October 18, 2014


If the Earth were at the centre of the universe with the Sun and the planets circling around the Earth this would feel like the centre of the heart that God shines on with the stars circling around the Earth. So, the planets just equal the stars in your heart and these spin on an orbit around the Earth in the centre of your heart. When the activities of the heart come into an alignment with the planets certain occurrences tend to take place, these occur naturally. One feels consumed by the deep emotional turmoil as though the stars are burning too brightly. The universe as a metaphor of the heart has the Earth spinning on an orbit. The axis spins your heart through a different universe with you being consumed by God. The planets are on an axis with God and the illumination on Earth is easily equated with the shadow cast on the water. With God, hearts are issued planets to show God who to follow and where to lead them.

Friday, October 17, 2014


There are four seasons of the Sun and this corresponds to our four Seasons, the Sun moves into four realms of the hemisphere of Earth at given and known times on the planet Earth. The planets have four cycles, too, in other parts of the universe known to man. Four hemispheres of the globe correspond to the rest of the universe as we have four chambers of our hearts and these correspond to Gods divine work. Seasonal plants are noticed for this experience as we have four parts of a tree, for example, the root system, the water extracting trunk, the branches and stems with the leaves, sometimes flowers occur, also. These chambers for God respond to our four Seasons and point to Heaven with your mind flying upwards to God to notice the seasonal changes of the tree. Water is needed for God to notice a planet and most have some form of deposit. If planets are too far away from the Sun, this water may take a different form, this depends on Gods intention and the seasonal flow of planetary activity. The stars are noticeable from Earth in various pattern sequences for God to tell your heart when to plant trees. The tapestry and framework of planetary structure suggests a seasonal correspondence through our hearts so we eat certain foods and these also correspond through the Season known to man on Earth. God needs us to be aware of who we are and our position on Earth so he gives us a heart map for God to find us when we have lost our way. God loves the seasons that take us to Heaven.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


When the Earth is in the shadow of the Sun, night falls. The planets form a circle and the moon gives the shadow illumination. Planets reflect the love of nature and God allows your heart to understand their influence. The darkness of night allows you to determine the planets amongst the stars and if you draw a circle on the ground, you can determine our position in the universe by the reflection of the stars on the ground. The planetary line up seems all determining of Gods divine love by an order of cellular activity in your heart, the minute microcosm of the macrocosm with loves observation and the planets light is described here so, God knows where to ascend your spirit when you die. The pathway is illuminated on the ground in front of you with the planets governing the way by God's divine light reflected in your heart, one seems to correspond to the other. Our planetary guide is our roadmap and God shows us how.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014


The light of the heavens suggests by the waters that the planets revolve around the Sun and the moon around the earth. The waters of the Earth reflect the planet's situation. The Sun does not appear to get brighter or the earth closer to the Sun at any time of the year. There is an equation of darkness when the waters were made and you get the feeling that Earth was frozen and covered with ice for a long time before Earthly inhabitants, perhaps a solar eclipse that lasted for a revolution of the Sun. The earthly waters would have taken several millions of years to thaw and gradually God would have given life to the Earth. Several species have formed since then and come and gone for Gods divine purpose. Waters formed many species of fish and while some very ancient species continue to frequent the ocean floor others have disappeared, you would not find their fossils anywhere. So, we are left in the dark and for God to turn the lights on. Man in the evolution of Earth took quite a long time to evolve afterwards. The Sun will continue to shine.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


When you think about the cycles of the other planets around the Earth, that we do notice with the changing seasons on Earth and the position of the Sun in the garden, this is measured by the changing calendar and the twelve months of the year. The star patterns nominating the zodiacs are in view in the evening and nominate a picture of a mythological god if you draw up the dots, these are the zodiac symbols, Aries, Taurus, Aquarius for example, modernized for current usage. When the Earth is in the shadow of a passing planet in line with the Sun like the shade of the moon, various seasons are nominated, then various zodiacs and the position of the Sun tells us what the calendar date is. There is also an orbit of other planets in the shadow of the Sun and they spin on the same axis radar as Earth via the Sun. The magnetic pull of the Sun slopes Earth to be on a reflected angle and all the other planets besides for the calendar year with everything being equated by a metric rule, like God is a big mathematician in the sky trying to way up the difference between the shadow and the Sun.

Monday, October 13, 2014


If we think of a concentric model with the Earth in the centre of your universe and the planets circling the Sun, Earth would be the biggest planet. The constellations describing the hemispheres seen from Earth describe the astrological charts of nature. Gods were believed to live up in the heavens in some parts of the history of our human revolution. Why were we placed on Earth in certain locations guided by our zodiac? The stars we need to be guided by on our pathway though life seem to require planets to observe. The world of you will take God along your pathway and you are at the centre of the world, God lives in the planets that circle him in your heart, for God is the universe. Love God to love the planets, they reflect your starlight.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


The universe looked at in the 1500's would have been at a different stage in the cycle of the planets. The earth appears to revolve around the Sun on an orbit, logically, as we have the rising Sun in the east and the setting Sun in the west. An optical illusion seems to occur with the Sun appearing bigger at sunrise and sunset. We could not possibly get that physically close to the Sun in the time a day takes to elapse, twelve hours of daylight with the Sun appearing smaller at midday, up above in the sky. On more recent cardiographs we would notice a different position in school book learning but somehow the map looks drawn up by Americans, not in the correct order, upside down and back to front like many of their street coded maps. So, this suggests the revolving of the Sun around the earth was in a completely different position than it is today, five hundred years on. As we keep revolving around the Sun, the other planets, also, keep revolving around the Sun to complete a revolution.

Saturday, October 11, 2014


We contemplate the celestial, cosmological maps of the universe, our astronomy. Our dual side looks back while we contemplate the future and live in the present. Our history is before us and our past is present, we enjoy the life that God gave us, our astrological signs we were born under were designed to teach us about the other planets being there. We have all the astrological signs describing a part of your body depending the sign you were born beneath. Clouds on a beautiful Spring day come Summer rain describe the Heavens. God has been trying to communicate his message with the art of the people for as long as the art has survived us. Man always appears to be transcribing the same message in the heights of creation. Zodiac information is about Heaven and heavenly relationships with man, the people your compatible relationships are going to be with does depend on the heavens. Our dual facing relationship with the world at large does depend on the month you were born and God chose the planetary way. Heaven.

Thursday, October 2, 2014


Love in the garden of philosophy equals Ophelia's death. We are taken to Heaven with her love. So, love floats with us in the garden.

by Nicole Page-Smith