Sunday, September 1, 2013

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Antonello da Messina, 
Christ Blessing, 
c. 1465, 
The National Gallery, 

This is where God would really like to communicate to the people on earth and would like you to circle your mind back to Settignano for one minute and think about Saint John and his vocation on earth. He was the carrier of a good omen to Florence and this would have come home to them. One only has to circle all the way back to the history of the city and realize even with Dante feeling he was living in hell. Some people felt it was the end of the world because there was a year of darkness from a planetary disorder. Dante did feel he would have been in hell but not affected because he was not evil and trying to find eternal love or a pathway to God. In the end one can only pass by the evildoers and pray they find God.

Antonello da Messina, 
The Dead Christ Supported by an Angel,
c. 1475-1478,
Prado Museum