Friday, September 20, 2013

Page 103

Jan Gossaert (Mabuse), The Adoration of the Kings, 
c. 1510-1515, The National Gallery, London

God is where we see beauty in the world and where we see the past, to make an evaluation on the future. There are many different guises God takes, sometimes tricking us into believing this as our hearts don't take us there. There is love in a tree if you look closely enough or in plant life in general. Love equals the white spirits or the birds and would also equal their song. Black spirits also carry a divine love to the sacred for a more amazing ascension to God. When you go up the snow capped mountains you see the refraction of the stars. Usually this is an ascension through the last door, to travel to stardust and to God. The stars seem to twinkle in the cloudless, moonlit sky above. This is God.

Hugo van der Goes, 
The Adoration of the Kings (Monforte Altar), 
c. 1470, Gemaldegalerie