Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Page 100

Hieronymus Bosch

There are those of us who appear more extended in the heart and then those of us who have more spiritual concerns about the body, extending the heart to God via the spirit is a divine ascension but an extension of the belief of the divine. The Holy Spirit takes us via the wing of an angel or a dove through the heart to God. People have different understandings of the spirit of man and his ascension to God, even the Holy Spirit and what this would represent, for some an angel would be the dove and for others it would be a rose, a white spirit or an earth god. For those that would have a rose take them to God via the heart, this could be a way to the rose garden. You would expect divine doves and beautiful white birds to be flying through there and golden bird calls to tribute the glow. Of this no one would ever be welcome as it would be your divine place with God. The glow would be so resplendent that there would only be room for love.