Sunday, September 15, 2013

Page 98

Duccio, The Calling of Saint Peter and Saint Andrew, 
c. 1308-1311, National Gallery of Art, Washington DC

Perhaps there could be a solution to the problem, God could have the answer, one would be to love people and the other would be to love your self. To be separated from your self, would mean to be separated from God. The more you separate the brain from the concept of the body in space the more you feel at odds with yourself. The more you are separated from the thinking of others the more you feel you are separating yourself from the idea of Christ's ascension to Heaven. Sometimes when on a profoundly deep ascension to God, consciousness feels completely arbitrary. You cannot wait for others to catch up, you just have to try the best you can to ascend what you know through conversation or dialogue. Philosophy above general consciousness will gradually seep through but usually takes people with a similar purpose and ascension order to God. So, perhaps the people who are depending upon one another should contact one another via God more.

Duccio, The Maesta Altarpiece, c. 1308