Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Page 94


Looking for patterns is a pastime only suited to a certain way of comprehending. There are also other ways of comprehending such as thinking about addition and subtracting when it comes to lengths, especially lengths of time. But these require another understanding completely that feels closer to God and how he would want you to continue with the growth and expansion of thinking to equate Christ and his relationship to God. There are several ways to interpret patterns, especially of thinking and behaving. For example, our emotional life over our consciousness and our dreams verse the unconscious, perhaps even an unconscious infinity that few people could comprehend in general consciousness. These patterns are about conscious decisions to be and unconscious decisions of being. Do we exist at all, dear God or was our mission accomplished a while ago? One wonders how we came into being and what our purpose of life has been for God. What did he need us to achieve in love or as a human being. The patterns our life can take are many and varied but are these patterns thought out in advance for us to decipher or are we just to untangle the pattern of existence we were born with.