Sunday, September 8, 2013

Page 91


Love is coming your way when you try to do what is in your heart. This was felt with the work of Settignano, Donatello and a lot of the Renaissance artists. There was a communication between their hearts and God that has never been surpassed. Little by little a different comprehension was ascended to, of a different nature to what had previously been encountered. This happening seemed to take them on another journey to God. This was however, not of the same divine realm as had previously been ascended to but somewhere else. Other people have researched the sculpting of the Renaissance but few people tend to make the contribution you would want to read. Some are more amazing than others, undoubtedly, but few seem to concentrate on human empathy or any kind of geographical concerns. There were different schools of thought in the small villages that seemed to be heavily concentrated on an individuals ideas to the point of them being the main beneficiaries. Those with this individual vision would be accommodating an idea that was of use to the whole community and seemed to give the little township its focus or reputation. This has continued and is still the case today. God needs continued re-evaluation of what is necessary to provide an answer to the needs of the human race.