Friday, September 27, 2013

Page 110

Willem de Pannemaker

So, God feels like an equation for an infinite understanding of eternal time, set amongst the present and the now to be re-evealuating the hours of the day with the days of the week and the years to come with all that is past. It is hard to stretch our brain back to where time may have begun and then forwards to the end of time. We are here for the cycle of our lives so, this in itself gives us an equation of time with a beginning and an end, as the life of any living thing is equated. However, to even drift our thinking to the incomprehensible or as far as you could possibly imagine time to exist before you hit the unconscious infinity or the stardust of the unconscious is perhaps scary for some people but for other people would equal the heavens or God. This you feel when God wants your thoughts to travel to him, he will protect you from venturing too far so as to remain conscious of him and time immemorial. The concept of the eternal feels as though we loop the past to the present as if it joins back up in a circle connecting the past to the future by a golden thread.

Federico Barocci