Monday, September 30, 2013

Page 113

Guido Mazzoni, The Lamentation over the Dead Christ, 
c. 1492, Chiesa di Sant'Anna dei Lombardi, Napoli

Adam and Eve were born from each other under a star. Eve was born from Adam. Her being came out of his leg, a different form of birth. Budding is the same. Something like propagating roses. Threads of silk are also extracted this way to allow the silk worm to change into a butterfly. There ascension to earth was via God and allowed them to find Hell. Another equation was necessary as the garden of earthly delights could only give them Heaven. Sometimes without an equation there is no true seeing of an experience. The tree of knowledge was somewhere to be experienced in the heart of man and does not have to be revealed. To find God one has to be aware of evil. However, this does not mean you have to be evil. Often people are tempted or tested by God but God knows we are only human and here to learn, even the most heavenly people make mistakes or those closest to God. God is there for the human race to make an equation about themselves and allow this knowledge to be useful and ascended to the Heavens.

Guido Mazzoni, Maddalena, 
c. 1476-1477, detail of the Lamentation, 
Chiesa di Santa Maria degli Angeli, Busseto