Friday, September 6, 2013

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Paolo Uccello, Annunciation, c. 1420, Ashmolean Museum

People often tend to think God exists for everyone and everything, this is the case however only those seeing Heaven from their hearts will experience a divine piecemeal. This gradual enlightening of the heart takes steps via God to educate you to a Heavenly point of view. For some a purring cat by their side is where they find the divine, for others and collectively it could equal artwork by Settignano, a piece of fruit or a tree. There is no telling where you will see Heaven but for most it is everything the earth has to offer up to the twinkling of the stars, the universe, the planets and everything about. The rain, the wind, the clouds and the sea, all the animals, the creatures, humans, thinking, creating, writing and playing or listening to music. Not every day can you see the Heaven God has provided, as humans with too much pain in their hearts sometimes find it hard to get to the divine. God has to empty the trashcan and provide you with all seeing hindsight. A reflection on all that has been and all that is to come is only given to very few and to circulate our thoughts back to the Italian Renaissance again, golden thoughts about the geometric structures to be found in ascension were of such a divine perspective that few have ever reached them since.

Paolo Uccello, 
Adoration of the Child with Saint Jerome, 
c. 1431-1432, 
Staatliche Kunsthalle,