Saturday, September 21, 2013

Page 104

Jacopo Pontormo

When the black hole of your brains seems to travel to another dimension you feel the earth sitting on an elephants back is something imaginable rather than a fallacy. So, then the elephant sitting on a tortoise would also be tenantable or Lord Ganesha on a mouse. There would be divine weight but like God, you would not feel an earthy weight. Even though God would be up in the sky somewhere. There are those of us who tenant divine needs and those of us who do not. You would imagine that God needs helping for the equation of a human deed. Some people are hell people or seem of another substance. One wonders sometimes why there are people so evil that not a single pleasant thought ever passes through their hearts. Why do they have to exist in Gods divine domain, too or at least on Earth? Maybe the Heaven and hell we know in our hearts have to exist side by side so, we can take our consciousness to God or God can divinely enlighten us when we do not see him clearly. The substance of our hearts appears to be given to us via God and then other factors such as when we were born and to what circumstance have some input as well. Life should take us towards an ascension to God or love but not always do we get there. Love should be a natural transgression or ascendancy that can travel along your veins to the heart like a bee to the flower. The bee covers himself in the pollen or has a nice big drink and then takes this to the hive to make the honey, golden ambrosia or nectar of the gods. Love should equal the same.