Thursday, September 12, 2013

Page 95


Place is where the heart is. There are changing places and changing hearts and those of us who do change the position in the heart are often seeking a direction from left to right and bottom to top, circling around to the place of a golden ascension. Sometimes people suffer unnecessarily from an action that feels hard to manoeuvre the hearts direction to a place of change that can be of benefit to an individual and the golden threads of Gods divine embroidery need to be applied as if stitching the heart back together with patches in the shape of stars, some gold, some silver with stardust sprinkled in-between. The place from left to right is where you will find the middle of the cross and for some people the middle of the heart or a rose of Gods love. From top to bottom there are poles of difference but the central love intersects where you can find the centre of the earth, dark matter, stardust and then an entry into the universe as well as the well of your hearts golden love or God, the last door but a place of divine reverence and a place where God will also connect you to Heaven on earth with a view of the stars.