Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Page 93

Giotto, Crucifix, c. 1290-1300, 
Santa Maria Novella, Florence

There are people who believe in the patterns of the stars and then there are those who do not have this kind of information. Looking for patterns in the stars is something that comes naturally with certain understanding. Random patterns of egress are something God wants us to know about and would be in our hearts. There are patterns in dark matter that would make sense to us but are about as close to God as God would allow, being human. Then there are patterns in nature, in plants, in the human skull and even some in every cell to suggest we are human. There would be different equations as to what is meant, some would think this was about DNA and others would be thinking about your genetic makeup. God would want us to start thinking about ourselves, our hearts and why we exist here on earth.