Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Page 87

Leonardo da Vinci, 
Study sheet with cats, dragon and other animals, 
c. 1513-1515, The Royal Library, Windsor Castle

We are all cats to God and some have ephemeral wings to fly to a cat heaven when our time is near. Perhaps we feel like being something else but the creatures of the earth come close to ascension and are not bothered by human concerns, maybe they are closer to God. I imagine some are more connected than others to God as humans are but most would be of less concern and more of nature. Cats are very special creatures and are particularly sweet in their old age, unlike humans they very rarely complain and quietly fade away to their spirit house. You feel like God can only guide us to our self but few people get there. The form your life takes is the direction of the heart, love is our gift and cats soak it up. They don't need convincing of the love in your heart, they feel this emphatically and respond with their love.

Leonardo da Vinci, 
Study of a child with a cat, 
c. 1478, Uffizi Gallery