Monday, September 23, 2013

Page 106

Jacopo Pontormo, Madonna and Child with St. Joseph 
and St. John the Baptist, c. 1521-1527, Hermitage Museum

The Earth is spinning on an axis and journeys for an evolution around the Sun, once a year and the moon journeys around the earth, yearly too. This we would feel in our hearts even if we were blind and could not see light or the Sun, we would feel Earth through a different kind of warmth. Human warmth or love would be one kind, the warmth of a heater or radiator another, I am imagining here that they would also feel some kind of light or presence and have a more advanced sense of smell. So, other than being blind there are also other forces at play that we cannot see and would not be illuminating if we could. These God would protect us from, until we were ready to accept our fate. You would not imagine that a human form was particularly necessary, not that we feel like a science experiment for God. It would be predestined what the fate of Earth was, we are after all the macrocosm of a microcosm or every single cell nominates who and what we are. We probably are just particles circumnavigating a radius or like the Earth navigating the Sun on an axis but have no conscious memory of this, something like a dream. So, dying would almost be akin to dreaming or never waking up. Not dreaming, waking.

Jacopo Pontormo, Supper at Emmaus,
 c. 1525, Uffizi Gallery, Florence