Saturday, August 31, 2013

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Guido Reni, Death of Cleopatra, 
c. 1595-1598, 
Sanssouci Picture Gallery

So, this would be our pathway to Gods divine house and we would not want anyone to go there other than someone chosen by God. Those of us not welcome by God have a place also but a very limited one, their last on earth before Satan gives them the final kick out via the backdoor. There are some people who understand God and some who do not. Sometimes there are people who want you to find Gods divine love and some who don't. I cannot understand why there are some people who would not want to find God and some that do. Why are some people so anti God? Why such a dark room? It doesn't make sense. So, God is something sacred but obviously few people have the eyes to see or to feel him. I will never understand why anyone on earth would want to hurt someone else. We are often notified by God if extreme circumstances arise where you alone, as a human, cannot tolerate how you are being treated. God has to step in and help you make the right equation otherwise you may never understand Gods divine message. Divine beings sent to earth by God are here to work for God alone to help understand the human heart and its generation. The golden cupbearer is chosen by the angels on high. No person is invalid to God but God has to know why angels are needed, we should all reach this level and as a race really be there already. The place for divine worship should equal the temple of the heart. When are humans going to start loving each other rather than the opposite. Love wins supreme for God and to ascend your knowledge to heaven requires a deep understanding that needs hard work and diligence.

Guido Reni, Cleopatra with the Asp, 
c. 1630, 
Royal Collection, Windsor Castle