Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Page 108

Antonello da Messina, St. Jerome in His Study, 
c. 1474, The National Gallery, London

Of course, the elemental body does experience all the things we know as life but exists somewhere in the vacuum of our thinking. We feel thirst and ascension to God by eating and drinking, so we eat and drink some more. And also there is the feeling that our bodies are nourishing God with our thinking, eating, feeling and living amongst the flock. There has to be something inside our hearts to make us communicate with each other. Premise the light one sometimes gets to with love, almost like your whole being is set ablaze with starlight and we are floating somewhere around the stratosphere. We feel this light usually somewhere deep inside our bodies and there feels like little else needs to have a purpose almost like a force beyond our knowing is in control. This we know as God but also has to do with how we are perceived by God and where we are going to be ascended to. There are few who seem to comprehend the equations God wants us to be and premise our understanding. Then we feel like God does only what is necessary to keep our thoughts pertaining to our purpose.