Saturday, September 7, 2013

Page 90


For those of us who see the divine in God there are only two things that are necessary, one that you do the right thing and the other is that you use common sense to get to God. For those of us who do not feel God in their hearts, there would only be a black, dark, hole, empty of the divine. So, there are those of us who are people and those of us who slot in for being without heart or without compassion. Some people who are not part of God are people but without the spirit God provided them with and this makes them unhappy to the point that they want to do harm to anyone who is enjoying them selves and then there are those who are jealous of the conscious people who are trying to perform to Gods divine path. Narrow is the gate that few people find on the path to righteousness. Other people who do have God in their hearts sometimes cannot get to God. Some people are immune to God and do not believe he could possibly exist or perform miracles so, they would miss out on God.