Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Page 73

Guido Reni

So, mostly people tend to try to find an apple tree of knowledge without knowing whether they are communicating with God or simply communicating with nature, one being synonymous with the other. Heaven in the heart is to be found through profound investigation of thought with the thinking capacity where there are fruits of knowledge accessible through contemplation of God and the divine life of Christ. The Holy Spirit making this access available through the spirit of man to God and the dove of knowledge soaring to the heights only obtainable to those with something of a gift and the gracing of God to reach the Heaven available with Gods divine fruit. Why can't an apple equal God or a thought and when contemplating the heart or love, should there not be a journey through the soul to a divine garden or place of divinity? The journey of the heart to God should be one of the most joyous experiences known to man.